Dyad has been on PSN for about a year now, but was released onto Steam in April 2013. Here’s a quick opinion on the game.

Dyad is marketed as a musical racing game, and I suppose, in the broadest sense, it is.
Mechanics wise, you circle round a tunnel and have to ‘hook’ onto beacon things to increase your speed, hooking onto multiple beacons of the same colour in a row will give you a speed boost, and then beacons which have been hooked produce an aura which gives you energy, the energy can be used to lance, which is a speed boost which increases in duration if you hit beacons.
It’s less complicated than it sounds mind you.

Dyad 2013-06-20 20-01-11-81

Other than the aforementioned mechanics, the game is really simple, with all the game modes essentially being based around those mechanics, and either racing, or collecting a certain amount of beacons to a time limit.

The game looks trippy as hell, which is probably a good thing – though at times you’ll go so fast that your eyes may start to hurt. Musically the game is somewhat let down, for a game marketed as a musical racing game (and yes, hooking stuff and your speed does affect the music), the sound design in the game kind of sucks, either level has a different musical theme, and all of them are mediocre at best.

Dyad 2013-06-20 20-08-53-30

Dyad sadly falls very short when it comes to actual fun, okay the mechanics are kind of interesting, and there are a lot of levels available, but I didn’t find myself actually enjoying any of the levels, just sort of found myself going with the flow. Once you stop playing, you’ll likely not find yourself wanting to boot it back up any time soon (or well, I certainly didn’t.), and whilst it has plenty of ways to replay it and things to do, it feels like there is little incentive to do so.


Dyad is quite the visual overload, with interesting arcade style mechanics. Unfortunately, those mechanics aren’t addictive or entertaining in any way. And at that price point? Give this one a miss.

Approximate Game Length :  Long enough
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £1/ £12 = 0.083
Should you play it : Nope  and that price point is seriously disgusting for the experience you get.

Rating: 1/5