So you want to play League of Legends (4) – Teamfighting

Welcome to Part 4, where I hopefully teach you how to do your goddamn job. This is an intermediate guide, so if you are just starting, maybe check out the beginner guides towards the bottom of the post.

So generally speaking, after 1 or 2 towers have been taken down, the game transitions from Laning Phase to Royal Rumble Phase (Teamfight phase) with the objective of killing the enemy team and destroying towers and inhibitors, or taking other neutral objectives like Dragon or Baron.

If everyone in the teamfight does their job properly, your damage output, crowd control, and survivability is maximized, this comes down to about 70% positioning, and 30% knowing what your objective in the fight is, so lets break it down.


AD Carry
Example champions: Graves, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn
Primary objective : don’t die, keep doing damage.
Secondary objectives : do objectives (towers, baron, dragon, steal buffs)

Example champions: Rammus, Malphite, Shen, Sejuani
Primary objectives :initiate the fight well, apply pressure to their high priority targets, take as much damage as possible without dying,  make the enemy team blow cooldowns on you.
Secondary objectives : peel for your dps, disengage the fight if necessary (skills, items or diversion/suicide)

Tanky dps (aka. Bruiser)
Example champions: Irelia, Darius, Garen, Wukong, Vi
Primary objective : kill their priority targets
Secondary objectives : peel for your dps

Assassin / Burst Mage
Example champions: Leblanc, Talon, Zed, Akali
Primary objective : kill their priority targets and get out alive
Secondary objectives : bait / distraction –  everyone wants to kill you, let your team punish them for it.

Example Champions: Lux, Brand, Ryze, Karthus, Anivia, Lissandra
primary objective : provide damage or cc (preferably towards their back line)
Secondary objectives : kill priority targets,  peel for your carry.

Example Champions: Alistar, Nunu, Sona, Lulu, Thresh
Primary objective : help your dps (Mage / adc) disengage from their front line
Secondary objectives : Help your dps do more damage, provide cc or utility for your front line fighters.
Help disengage from a bad fight (with skills, item actives or being a sacrifice if needed.

Formation / Positioning

This will obviously depend on both your team composition, and their team composition, if your team is made of 2 Tanks, 2 Bruisers and 1 Carry then obviously your frontline is going to look very different from a ‘traditional’ team. Similarly, if their team consists of Amumu/Malphite/Miss Fortune, you are probably going to want to spread out a little more than you usually would, otherwise you’re going to get chain AoE CC’d.

form1So this is about as close as you’ll get to a traditional team, A Tank Jungler, Tanky DPS top, Mage mid, ADC/Supp Bot.

In this fight, the tank is the first in and hopefully takes the majority of the CC, the Tanky DPS follows him in trying to deal damage to priority targets (Mage/ADC).
The mage is 3rd in, providing additional damage aiming towards the back half of the enemy team.
The Support tries his best to support the frontline if possible but their priority is to keep the ADC alive by peeling their frontline off.
The ADC tries to stay at maximum range and hits whoever he can without exposing themselves to danger (which will likely be their T.DPS, Tank and Mage first)



Double Bruiser Team

Pretty self explanatory, you have no pure tank, but you put your tankiest champions in the front line because they have the most survivability.
Theoretically, the support could jump in as well if need be.






The Distraction Team

In this example, note the position of the Assassin class, they should wait on the sidelines or behind their team (think ADC sort of position) until most of the enemy control spells have been used. Assassins usually position themselves parallel to the fight and as close to the back line as possible (while still being untargetable), this means that as soon as enemy CC has been blown, they can come in and do their job (kill high priority targets and get out).




form4 The ‘I called mid/bot’ Team

So your team is retarded and you somehow ended up with a whole team of squishies. Ok.

So here we put our mages at the front as they are more likely to have the ranged poke skills. This sort of team should probably try not to initiate fights, but poke and try to push down towers.
Should they be initiated on, the mages are in the frontline and should go straight for the enemy priority targets, whilst the support tries to peel/disrupt as much as possible. ADC’s should be firing at whatever they can.




The YoloQueue Team

This is the sort of team popular in ranked Solo queue (Tanky DPS jungle, Burst and mage Top/mid with ADC/supp bot)

Mostly self explanatory if you’ve been reading so far, Burst stays behind the front line (or off to the side somewhere). The difference here is that without a pure-tank, the Assassin/Mage’s timings will be more important, as the frontline will likely be killed off quickly.



Heres an ingame example.

lol1lol2So straight away we can see here that both teams have their tanks near the front (blue’s ADC is a little far forward, but there’s no immediate threat of CC, so its fine). We can also see that Blue team has an AP Kog’Maw (notorious for his high range) so he is sitting safely behind the wall, ready to throw spells in from a distance. Purple team has a Shaco (Assassin), so he is currently circling behind (as seen on the minimap). On both teams the support is with the DPS, ready to peel or assist their frontline.

That’s all I can think of for now, So go forth and do your goddamn job.


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