So you want to play League of Legends (5) – Runes and Masteries

So you’ve maybe hit Level 20+, and are thinking about starting to properly build your rune pages.
You only start with 2, and purchasing extra pages cost either RP or 6300 IP, thankfully, 2 Rune Pages are enough for an AP based page, and an AD based page.

NOTE: This guide is unfinished, I intend to add more detail later


Make sure you read the description before you start buying stuff, otherwise you’ll end up wasting money.

AD (Attack Damage)

Name Stats Stats x9 Price
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration* +1.28 ArPen +11.52 ArPen 410*9 = 3690
Greater Mark of Attack Damage*  +0.95AD +8.55 AD 205*9 = 1845
Greater Seal of Armor  +1.41 Armor +12.69 Armor 205*9 = 1845
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist  +0.15 MR/lvl +24.3 MR
@ Lvl 18
205*9 = 1845
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage  +2.25 AD +6.75 AD 1025*3 = 3075

Options – Take note that there are 2 types of Marks listed above:
Easy mode / Early game advantage – ‘Mark of Attack Damage’ – This will make your last hitting easier, and your early game damage higher.
Hard mode / Late game damage – ‘Mark of Armor Penetration’ – Will do more damage than AD marks in later in the game when your enemies have armor. There are limited ways to build Armor Pen, as opposed to AD which is present on plenty of items.

AD/ArPen Marks – Maximize your damage potential, either early/late game.
Armor Seals – Essential on all roles to maximize survivability
Scaling MR Glyphs – AP users have to itemize to gain significant Magic Damage, thus scaling MR glyphs aid with survivability once mid/lategame arrives.
AD Quints – Help with jungle clears / Last hitting / General Damage

AP (Ability Power)

Name Stats Stats x9 Price
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration  +0.87 MPen +7.83 MPen 410*9 = 3690
Greater Seal of Armor  +1.41 Armor +12.69 Armor 205*9 = 1845
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power*  +0.17 AP/lvl +27.54 AP
@ Lvl 18
410*9 = 3690
Greater Glyph of Ability Power*  +1.19 AP +10.71 AP 410*9 = 3690
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power  +4.95 AP +14.85 AP 1025*3 = 3075

Options – Note the 2 types of Glyph in the chart above:
Easy mode / Late game relevance – Scaling AP will help you stay relevant lategame, even if you aren’t doing so well
Hard mode / Early game advantage – Extra AP earlygame can help secure kills in laning phase and help you snowball the lane in your favour.

Magic Pen Marks – Will help your damage output through all phases of the game, a riskier alternative is to use your Attack Damage marks (from your AD page) to do damage/lasthit in laning phase.
Armor Seals – Helps you trade in lane phase, is pretty much essential for AP jungling, supportting at bot and fighting AD assassins at mid.
AP Glyphs – You need AP for the majority of your damage, nothing more to say here.
AP Quints – Maximize Damage potential, Movement speed quints are okay too if you doubt your ability to murder people.


I recommend going through all of the masteries and seeing what clicks with your playstyle instead of using these, but at the same time, the masteries I use are almost guaranteed to be ‘safe’ in terms of ensuring each mastery point is actually helping your game.

AD Masteries (ADC/Top/Mid) – Focused on AD damage, with 9 points into defense for survivability
AP Mid Masteries
AP Carry Masteries (Top/Mid) – Focused on AP damage
Tanky Jungler Masteries
Tanky Jungler Masteries (Suitable for AP or AD) – Focused on survivability over clears
Support Masteries
Support Masteries – Focused on Cooldowns and Passive gold/XP

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