The Walking Dead (Game) – 400 Days DLC

400 days DLC bannerSo I played through the 400 Days DLC this morning, I really forgot how much I enjoy this series and its method of storytelling.

The storyline of 400 days tells 5 short separate storylines, each spanning around only half an hour or so, each of the stories are self contained, and none of the stories require any prior knowledge of Season 1 of the game, and there were only VERY minor references or nods to events which took occurred in the first season, the result is a clean slate and a fresh start with some great new characters.

WalkingDead101 2013-07-04 11-00-25-89Due to the short nature of each of the stories, and the total length of the DLC itself, 400 Days really serves as a kind of teaser for what’s to come, with this DLC package almost playing out like those individual character backstory episodes from Lost (or insert your favourite TV show here).

After playing through the 5 stories, the plot shifts to 400 days later, where all 5 have managed to meet up, the choices made through the game have quickly moulded your characters into what they are and as the finale plays out, you will begin to wonder if you made the right choices throughout your playthrough, or if things could have turned out differently.

I have to say that I did not really like the dramatic time cuts, or the lack of any resolution in the story, I understand that it is just a piece of DLC to tide us over until Season 2, but it really does feel like a massive tease, and it hurts knowing that it will be ages until the next part of the story is released.



TWD 400 Days is a short but sweet taste of what’s to come, telltale essentially throw us a rock of cocaine before telling us the next batch won’t be ready for at least a few months.
I would perhaps wait for the first episode of S2 to launch before playing this, as the lack of resolution may disappoint.

Approximate Game Length :  ~3 Hours
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £3 / £4= 0.75
Should you play it : Yes, though whether you do so now or later down the road is your call, but definitely play this before you start up Season 2.

Rating: 4/5