Meng @ Perfume World Tour 2nd – London

The queue literally went around the block, some people were apparently there at around 11am


Projection mapped performance of spending all my time was awesome to watch
Introduction, the girls were adorable speaking English


The crowd was SO HYPE.

20130705_211759Best live experience of my life, any non perfume fans could easily be converted by a few minutes in the centre of the crowd during FAKE IT, jesus that was insane.

I was a little upset they didn’t play some of my favorite songs (Natural ni koi shite, Baby Cruising Love, Kokoro no Sports) but at the same time I love pretty much all of the songs so I feel like I would have complained one way or another.

I grabbed a shirt too, Its pretty nize.


Havent heard of Perfume?
1) Im not surprised
2) Check em out.

Update: lol, there I am.