So, just a speedy little review of indie run and gun game ‘Bleed’ by Ian Campbell.

Bleed is an old school style arcadey run and gun which is actually remarkably similar to the game we were/are working on at the moment, the hero gets a multitude of weapons to select from, 3 airdashes, and then is unleashed into levels filled with enemies trying to kill you.

There isnt a massive amount more to say about the gameplay itself, there is slo-mo, almost bullet hell levels of projectiles (at times), some level design taken straight out of super meat boy and 7(?) unique bosses. The game also features multiple difficulties, with normal probably being the hard mode for most actual games, and hard and higher increasing enemy counts, damage taken, and environmental hazards.

Bleed 2013-07-05 12-26-18-36

As a whole the game seems well made and a lot of love has obviously been put in to it, the graphics are charming in a retro style and the music is chiptune throughout. The star of the game is probably the well thought out level design, which keeps the game flowing nicely and provides a nice variety of obstacles and verticality to what could have easily otherwise been a working, but not particularly interesting, game.

Bleed 2013-07-06 17-06-14-04


Bleed is a fun little romp, but its short length and retro game design makes me unable to call it spectacular. Then again, it’s £4 on steam right now, so i’ll refrain from judging it too harshly.

Approximate Game Length :  ~ 60-90 mins
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £4 / £4= 1
Should you play it : Yes, though only if you enjoy this sort of game, those who aren’t fans of games like metal slug or contra likely won’t find much to their liking here.

Rating: 4/5