Anime Spotlight: Danganronpa

So we’re only very early into the summer season, but already I think I’ve found my favorite.

27414-DanganronpaDanganronpa is an anime adaptation of the PSP game of the same name, it is a murder mystery visual novel by Chunsoft, the same guys that do the ‘Zero Escape’ series (999, virtues last reward). I personally am a massive fan of their stuff, and so seeing something like this has me pretty excited.

The story is 15 people are locked in a school, the only way to ‘graduate’ is to murder someone and get away with it, after a murder its investigation has occurred, there is a trial, where someone must be convicted – if the murder gets found guilty, they die, however if an innocent gets found guilty, all the innocents die.

It’s a glorious mix of battle royale, mind games and the classic party game ‘werewolf’ (aka witch hunt). We’re 2 episodes in and people are dropping like flies already, the series is only 13 episodes long I believe, so I expect the show to move fairly quickly, but I’m okay with this.

Come watch with me? We can suss out who dunnit together.

zplayer 2013-07-13 10-51-13-41Subnote, ‘What you should be watching this season’ will probably be next week, it gonna be a short list unless there are some damn good second episodes to turn me around.

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