What you should be watching this season (Summer 2013)


Prenote – All opinions are based purely on the first 1 or 2 episodes, views expressed here are likely not representative of a series as a whole. If an airing show isn’t on this list, I didn’t watch it (mostly sequels).

Anywho, Heres what Anime you should be watching this summer 2013 season.

‘Watch These’ Tier:

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation

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I did a quick post about this the other week, a murder mystery survival anime based on a chunsoft game, this to me is the most interesting show this season, it has an interesting art style and a story which is clearly going to go insane further down the line.


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An anime produced by KyoAni (the studio most famous for producing K-On and Haruhi), it’s about really fit dudes that go swimming. It’s very possibly the gayest thing i’ve ever seen, and yet it manages to be surprisingly entertaining.
As a subnote, the ED is hilarious.

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!
(No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!)

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Despite taking the award for worst series name I’ve ever heard (which is why its no surprise everyone refers to it as….), Watamote is probably the best comedy this season.

Adorable Kuroki realises she isn’t quite as popular as she anticipated and tries to take steps to become popular, which ends pretty much exactly as you can imagine.
I was never a complete outcast in school, but its easy to sympathize with the main character just because she is a perfect characterization of a shut-in gamer nerd struggling to find friends and talk to people. It also takes ‘catchiest ED of season’ award.

http://utw.me/tag/watamote/ <- downloads

‘Consider These’ Tier:

Servant X Service

zplayer 2013-07-13 12-44-13-77

Servant X Service is essentially a spiritual sequel to ‘Working!/Wagnaria‘ from 2010/11, the author of the source material and the animation studio are identical, and it really shows – in art style, jokes, and actual content. The story follows 3 new recruits to a civil service office and how they cope (or fail to cope is probably a better description). It’s pretty funny, certainly if you enjoyed Working! you should check this.
Has by far the best OP animation this season,

Uchouten Kazoku
(The Eccentric Family)

zplayer 2013-07-14 22-04-30-61

An odd one, not a whole lot has happened so far, but the anime is set in an interesting universe with shapeshifting tanooki and tengu living in the human world. Uchouten Kazoku is without a doubt the best looking series this season (art wise). Whilst watching, It felt like I was watching a ghibli series, not particularly interesting and almost boring, but filled with a strange sense of eccentricity

Love lab

zplayer 2013-07-14 22-09-19-40

If i’m honest, I originally had Love Lab in the Trash Tier based solely on its first episode (which was awful imo), the second episode however was pretty funny and introduced a bunch of new characters (one of which reminds me a ton of Sugiura from YuruYuri).
Love Lab is a comedy essentially based on the concept of the blind leading the blind, Natsuo asks Riko for help with her love life – Little does she know, Riko is equally clueless.

Sequel Tier:

TWGOK 3 (Goddess Arc)

3rd Season of ‘The world only god knows’, which follows dating and gaming god Keima and adorable demon assistant Elsie. Off to a strong start with a plot based around revisiting the girls featured in the first 2 seasons – which is nice because pretty much all of the characters in the show were likeable.

Genshiken Nidaime

3rd Season of Otaku club Genshiken, doesn’t seem as strong as previous series judging by the first 2 episodes. Also a little bit sad considering all of the original club members are now just sub-characters.

‘Watchable, but not particularly good’ Tier:

Gin no Saji
(Silver Spoon)

Guy from the city moves to the countryside and joins a farming school, with the story focused on how clueless he is. Its okay I guess, though it doesn’t do anything particularly well. I’m not actually sure what genre it’s supposed to be at this point. The 2nd episode isn’t out yet, so this may get moved around after i’ve seen that, but for now im not really sold yet it doesn’t seem awful either.
It feels a lot like Moyashimon, so if you liked that, this is probably up your alley.

Trash Tier:

Blood Lad

The first episode was okay, but honestly the plot is awful to the point of being straight up random, Second episode moved this series down to trash tier level. The animation style is nice, but if it’s supposed to be a comedy, its not very funny, and if its supposed to be an action, there isn’t a whole lot of that either. Staz the vampire seems like he would be pretty cool to watch in a battle series, but they try to bounce humour off the fact he’s an otaku and it doesn’t really work very well.

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu
(Stella girl’s school – C3 club)

Like K-ON but without the cute, oh and instead of playing music they play with BB-guns.
I tried watching the second episode but was so disinterested that I couldn’t finish the episode, if you are looking for a ‘cute girls do cute things’ series, there are better choices out there.

Cringe Tier:

Hyperdimension Neptunia – The Animation

Really disappointing, I love the idea behind Hyperdimension Neptunia (based on video games and stuff) but this anime is so geared for fanservice that it manages to dive into the bizarre zone between porn and not-porn, where it’s not quite erotic enough to be classified as hentai, but too uncomfortable to watch normally. Im not stranger to fanservice/ecchi shows, but neptunia managed to take it a little too far.