Can the internet truly be silenced?

So, interesting development today on the way back from Oxford.

I get a call from an angry company

They want me to take down the article I wrote about them, because apparently its slanderous and is causing loss of sales or something, also, supposedly the picture contains copyrighted material (even though a quick google of it turns up a ton of similar images of their logo and so-forth).
Also apparently, ‘the lawyers’ are coming in later and the article needed to go down “ASAP. Before 5pm”, to which I was thinking ‘im driving, Im not even going to get home until around 6…’

I also just got an email saying that it has been reported to the police and that they have a crime number for it.

Which puts me in a tough spot, are they as genuine about this as they were with their job?

I’ve decided as a result to remove the supposedly copyrighted picture, and edit the post to remove the opinions and only state the facts and the things I know 100%.

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  • Hey, just to let you know, they can’t do anything. The whole point of reviewing something is to give your honest opinion, and they are misrepresenting their services. People have a right to know what they’re about, and they’re just terrified because they’ll eventually have to cease operations or adapt with the knowledge that people can use the internet to research their motives.

    As long as what you wrote wasn’t untrue (which tbh, I went through almost the exact same experience, so I can vouch that it’s all true) they don’t have a leg to stand on. Legally speaking.

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