5 Things that would make Zelda less shit

I have played almost all of the Zelda games that have come out, however I have completed only maybe 20% of these. Why? Because Zelda is boring. It’ll be fun for a little while, then i’ll get to a dungeon and just stop playing and never pick it up again.

That said, here are 5 ways I think they could make the next Zelda a better game.

1) Skip the first section of the game

Nobody wants to hunt chickens or whatever the fuck they make you do every goddamn game before you get a sword. The story is going to be the same anyway, just start the game later along the timeline. Its the equivalent of playing Call of Duty and starting the level in the base, checking and cleaning your weapons, waiting for the captain to call you, then riding in the truck to your destination before the level starts – aint nobody got time for that.

2) Make it open world

Currently the path tree for Zelda is completely linear, with the option to sidequest a little here and there if you feel like it.
Imagine now, a Zelda game where you start the game semi-geared, you are actually ready to do shit, the world is your oyster, epona is ready and hungry as shit for some carrots.
You ride out, you know what needs to be done, whether it be collecting relics from dungeons or whatever, but you can choose which one you want to do first, upon completion you get new stuff which may help you tackle another dungeon easier. I only just realised I am essentially describing the level select stuff in Megaman but you get the idea.

3) Less focus on dungeons, more focus on exploration

Personally, the most enjoyable part of past Zelda games has always been the exploration and treasure hunting aspect of the game – finding hidden stuff in the overworld by playing around with time/seasons, finding new areas in minizelda mode in Mimish Cap, sailing around exploring the seas in Wind Waker.
The least enjoyable part of the game, and also the thing which always makes me drop the game before I finish it, are the dungeons. I get that dungeons are a crucial part of the game, but do they really need to be? Has anyone ever walked into a new dungeon and really enjoyed it? OH BOYO PUZZLES! except they are usually easy enough to work out provided all of the prerequisites have been met. The dungeons practically force you to running through rooms in a particular order before allowing you to progress, it gives the illusion of exploration at first, but soon you’ll realise you’re at a complete dead end because you picked path B instead of path A (have fun backtracking.)

4) Try something new

I think we’ve all joked around and said that the new Watch_Dogs game is essentially Assassins Creed but cooler, Why can’t zelda go a similar route?
Maybe they should try something which isn’t Link rescuing Zelda using a sword, bow and hookshot. Maybe instead of the hyrule overworld being a field with trees, its now a space station, or a futuristic city, maybe he gets a beam sword, a laser gun and a jetpack.
There are a ton of cool things they could throw in to change it up, and still vaguely keep it ‘zelda’, people complain about series games being the same thing yet Zelda has been doing this since NES era.

5) Just give it to Platinum Gamesbayozelda

Aka. Make the game actually fun.