Pacific Rim (2013)


Ultra fast review just to get some content out (have been preoccupied with games recently with the ongoing steam sales).
The less you know and have seen about Pacific Rim before seeing it, the better.
I had hardly seen anything about it other than the first teasers that were put out, and I was blown away.
Incredibly stupid, incredibly over the top, action all the way, and right up my alley.

This is a film that needs to be seen in the cinema for sure, the sheer scale of everything in the film is incredible. Be aware that the film is pretty much EXACTLY what it says on the tin, don’t go expecting a particularly deep plot or masses of character development, this is almost like watching Rocky but replacing Stallone with a gigantic robot.
Personally, what impressed me most and was the best part of the film were the graphics, obviously with a film like this you know that the majority of it is CGI, but they deliver it so very well, the film is a beautiful example of cutting edge CGI and special effects and what is capable nowadays, like if I was to go back in time and wanted to bring back something that would showcase how far special effects have come? It’d probably be this film.

I realise it’s maybe a little late to be saying this, but go big or go home with this one, I can’t imagine it being particularly fantastic on a home screen, but in the cinema its a true spectacle.