Strike Suit Infinity Review


I grabbed Strike Suit Infinity at 75% off in the steam summer sale for £1.24, Thats a crazy price point, you’d be hard pressed to buy a can of red bull for that, yet here I am with a space combat game sitting in my steam list – Of interesting note, the steam cards you get from the game can be sold for about half the value of the game itself.
Edit: Apparently you can get 50% off vouchers as a steam item, if you’re interested in the game, maybe worth searching around and seeing if anyone has a spare they don’t want.

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So, Strike Suit Infinity, not to be confused with Strike Suit Zero – which I believe is a more fleshed out version of the same game, with plot and other elements.
Ain’t nobody need no plot to shoot down spaceships.

SSI is an arcade styled space combat game, You start and select a craft, then play through a bunch of levels with waves of enemies trying to turn you into space dust.
In between levels you can upgrade your ship, buy allies to fight with you (groups of fighters or even larger ships like carriers/frigates), select your weapons and then continue to the next level.
Fighting in SSI is fairly flight warfare style, you have missiles, unguided rockets, vulcan and lasers to use (probably more shit as you go on), the controls are fairly easy to get to grips with as long as you are using a controller (I haven’t really tried using Mouse and KB), additional targetting reticles and things help to allow you to shoot other ships and you can boost and use EMP’s to get missiles off your scent, it’s all pretty awesome and works well with the fast paced arcade style they are going for. The twist comes when you use Strike Suit Mode, this mode uses a seperate resource called Flux which is gained from getting kills and essentially acts as your hyper mode or whatever you would want to normally call it – you transform into the Strike Suit and your flux drains as you fire weapons, the main advantage of Strike suit mode is the flexibility and extra manoeuvrability gained (you can horizontally dash in Strike mode) as well as the improved weapons systems – you gain access to ‘circus missiles’ which basically means you can fire a lot of fucking missiles at once and can lock on to multiple targets. The picture below will probably give you a fair idea of what this means.

Circus missiles = Awesome
Circus missiles = Awesome

The game is great fun to play for short bursts of time (and i mean very short bursts), I personally find it hard to get in to these sort of games but every time I boot this up I have a blast with it, it’s a shame there is no multiplayer modes included (on either of the strike suit games oddly) but then at the selling price I suppose its no surprise.

I will add that this game is really goddamn hard, enemy ships will mess you up and if you somehow exhaust all of your missiles and have to take down a frigate or something… good luck with that. There are 18 levels, all of which seem to be progressively difficult, and I mean, im still relatively early on in the game and stuff is kicking my ass.

SSZ 2013-07-20 20-00-19-62Verdict:

Strike Suit Infinity is a budget game for sure, but it knows what it wants to do, and does it well.
It is advertised as a ‘frantic score chaser’ ‘arcade experience’ and it delivers this well, no plot, no explanations, just beautiful hectic space combat and pumpin’ techno music to get your blood flowing.

Approximate Game Length :  Few Hours (2-5?)
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £4 / £5 = 0.8
Should you play it : For fans of genre, That said, if it ever goes 75% off again, grab it because you’ll be hard pressed to find a better game for such a low price.

Rating: 3/5

Absolutely nothing wrong with this game, but genre and scale of the game means it’s not for everyone.