Can the Internet truly be silenced – Part 2

So i got another call from Company X today, saying that someone contacted them, linked to an article written on my website and said they were going to blow the company up.
Somehow this is all my fault?

Im apparently ‘lucky the MI5 aren’t involved’ because someone is threatening to blow them up, if im honest, I sort of wish the MI5 WERE involved, because im betting the MI5 are smart enough to realise that they should probably be more concerned with the actual person sending the threats.

How fucking ridiculous.
If I ever decide to send in a bomb threat to someone maybe I’ll link to whatever company im least fond of, because then the MI5 will shut them down. (gotta love the logic.)

Oh, also, the police are coming again so they can get a crime reference number, odd that. as I was told in an email prior that they already have one.