Why my mobile number has changed

So Thanks to a family friend I was actually on T-mobile on a 50% off friends and family deal, which was amazing! (thanks Robert) This let me go on a contract at <£20 a month and get a ‘free’ galaxy S2, a shitton of minutes and texts and unlimited internet.

However my contract just ran out, and so I’ve decided to make the switch from T-mobile to ‘3’

Why? Well, aside from the image below which sort of speaks for itself, the pay as you go rates on 3 right now are incredible – http://www.three.co.uk/Store/SIM/Pay_As_You_Go
2p per text? Are you serious?
What it actually doesnt state here, is that you even get 150MB free allowance per month for internet (after which its a measly 1p per MB).
It’s great to finally see some competition in the PAYG market, as afaik most providers are still on the rustic 10p per text model (which has been about for ages).

20130726_110248[1]So yeah, there you have it.
If you don’t have my new number yet and need it, message me (fb, skype, whatever).
As an added bonus, I don’t have to worry about company X calling me anymore.