5 Things that are great about the Wii U

1) Bayonetta 2 Is going to be on it

Worth noting also that ‘The Wonderful 101’ is going to be released next month as well, which is also a platinum games production.

2) The lack of games means you’ll never be tempted to buy one!

I present to you, good guy Wii U

3) Backwards Compatability

This is also actually true for the 3DS, though whilst everyone complains about microsoft/sony’s lack of backwards compatibility, everyone sort of takes Nintendo’s provided backwards compatability for granted. One can easily argue that the XB1 and PS4 are unable to support backwards compatability because the system architecture is so different, but I mean, credit where it’s due, the WIi U is compatible with almost all of the Wii stuff, and that’s great.

4) It’s the only console actually trying anything drastically new

For better or for worse, the Wii U is very different from its competitors. Though other consoles may have similar features via smartglass or PSvita integration, the Wii U has that shit directly in the controller whether you like it or not. It’s also very hard to deny the coolness when you actually use one and are able to rotate the screen and have it show in real time because of the gyrostuff.
It also has the whole 2 sided experience which is only available on the Wii U because of the controller, gamers who have tried the luigi ghost mansion and mario chase minigames will know that the experience is unlike anything else you’ll get in a local multiplayer environment.


5) Teaches the masses about the importance of third party developers

Without such a super obvious example of what happens when you have practically no third party support, other rivals may have tried to go a similar route or try and think, for whatever reason that the game developers need them – when actually, the complete opposite is true.
A console is nothing without its games, and the WIi U took one for the team to make sure everyone is aware of that fact. We salute you.