Life – July 2013

Home / Family

My aunt has come over from Hong Kong for a few weeks, so they’ve been about, my mum and brother have actually just gone with them to Butlins for a week, after which I believe they will be staying with us for a week or so.
My uncle also had his wedding celebration last night, we had a 12 course meal and it was pretty good – Suckling pig, pigeon, lobster, seafood, cuttlefish and lots of other nice stuff, he got kind of drunk which was entertaining.

Mango scallops fritters with strawberries and wasabi king prawns

Have got 2 holidays booked for the next month (yay)
Going to Amsterdam with Hass and Nash 02/08/13 – 05/08/13
and then going on a European cruise with family from 25/08/13 – 03/09/13.
Look forward to the blog posts as usual 🙂
And i’ll look forward to 420smokeweedeveryday


Backburner for now? Have finished all of the major website design tracks on Codecadamy, defo seems like there is some awesome stuff to be done. My creative juices are a little low as of late though so I havent been bothered to try and make anything new (it would be significantly easier to make something if you know what you want to do I guess)

Japanese Language

Have been trying to get back into this over the past week or so, but leaving it so long has resulted in my kanji being very rusty. I have no idea how people manage to learn all of these (the characters, the meanings, and the multiple ways of applying them as a single character can often be read at least 3 ways depending on context).
I did spent about £25 on a textbook a month or two ago so I really dont want it to go to waste.
I’ve actually been attempting to translate some song lyrics and things like that with varying degrees of success.
I have also been watching some untranslated Japanese TV (mostly perfume variety shows for now, those girls are hilarious, especially the joint shows they’ve done with Arashi).
I might try my hand at translating and subtitling eventually, partially to give back to the community, and partially because I find its actually pretty useful for learning (assuming I am able to retain all the new words i’m learning)

Games Drought

So there hasn’t been any new games come out in ages, AAA or otherwise, not entirely sure what to fill my blog with when there’s no interesting games out to play.
Other than playing League almost every night – Signup and play with us? – I’ve been playing a little bit of God Hand on the PS2, Orcs Must Die 2, and Monaco. I want to finish Persona4 but the format takes so long and kind of irritates me as I constantly feel I have no time, I’d watch a lets-play or something but at that point I may as well not bother and just watch the P4 anime (which im doing anyway).


Still dire. Going on almost 3 months now, really makes me realise how much I fucked up picking my degree subject, im really a jack of all trades and master of none right now.
Everyone around me seems to be advancing their careers and I’m just sitting here unable to secure even entry roles. *sigh*

This Site

Really have no idea what to update with lately, so if anyone has any requests for articles you’d like to see, leave a comment here or on the facebook page or something and i’ll maybe give it a try.
Perhaps y’all have a game you want reviewed, or would like to see a ‘5 Things’ article..