Running Man

So, Running man is pretty much my new favourite TV show, I originally found it after being hooked up with a jpopsuki account and seeing that the latest episode featured 2ne1. Running Man is a korean variety gameshow with special guests each week and then some recurring characters.

Unlike most other asian gameshows, it’s hard to properly describe Running Man as every episode I’ve seen so far seems to be completely different.


Games vary from hide and seek, to eating competitions, to wrestling, scavenger hunts and more. Its really insane, and a nice change from most gameshows which pull the same skit over and over, it feels like they have really made an effort to try and tie in a theme for each episode and run with it.

The episodes only seem to get better as you watch more as well as you begin to learn the regular cast, and these are a real charismatic bunch, even speaking another language.

Another thing that makes this show incredible is the background music they use, its corny and cliche in its own way but some of the music they use at certain bits is incredible, the episode I just watched had slipknot start up at the beginning of a chase scene..

Subtitled episodes seem to be somewhat readily available for streaming online,

Here are a few of the better episodes i’ve seen so far (and mind you i’ve only watched about 5 or so becase they are about 90 minutes long each)
^ Death Note Episode – Finale involves team A having to turn off 108 CCTV cameras before they get assassinated by the hunter (who can see them on the CCTV)
^ High School Reunion – Finale involves solving the mystery behind the school whilst being afflicted by various curses (eg. If you turn around, you may die)

Update: I started watching them from Episode 1 onwards, the show only gets better the longer you watch it. It’s probably the genuinely the most entertaining show i’ve seen in ages – or