Amsterdam – Day 3 – Sun, Bikes and Food

A super late start for us today, we woke up at 11:30am, so that was a little bit of a waste.

A short trip down the road from our hotel was a bike rental shop, so we headed in to check out their prices. 12 EUR for 24 hours rental, not bad?


The first half hour was terrifying, My bike riding skills are far from superb so i ended up practically doing slalom down the bike lanes of Amsterdam, almost hit a woman once (hit a post instead).
We took a quick break at a crossroads and tried the local specialty Herring, it is traditionally served with chopped onion and gherkin, and thats what we had.
The taste was…peculiar. I thought I liked it during the first bite, but shortly realised I didn’t.


We continued travelling south (lack of pictures as I can’t ride and take pictures at the same time :< ) until we hit the Ruks museum and the famous ‘I AMsterdam’ sign (or one of two at least). We stopped to snap a few pictures, though none of them are much good as there we SO many people around (sunny day and a massive tourist spot in the middle of a park? go figure)

Way too many goddamn tourists
Way too many goddamn tourists


From here we went to Vondelpark, which I can only assume is Amsterdam’s main park, it certainly had the size and facilities for it, with a kids splash pool, multiple play areas, sports courts, and an outdoor stage area for live music (and live act to go with it).




IMG_1216 IMG_1218

Just a little snack for lunch as we had already left the hotel so late, we figured we’d just snack on stuff then have a (hopefully) nice dinner.
I had a hotdog and ice tea. It was alright.


We spent a few hours just riding around the park enjoying the weather, Hass eventually managed to fall after trying to overtake us on a dirt path “later nerds.” was the last thing from his mouth before he skidded out and slid along the dirt.
First official casualty of Amsterdam: Hassan
Fair few grazes and a bruise on his leg, he’ll live, though we suspect the phrase ‘Later Nerds’ is going to unleash some unsavoury memories in the future.

We had a little explore around and then ended up back towards the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign, and had a little look around the areas we skipped over earlier, there were some nearby gardens which were pretty nice, along with the Ruks museum gift shop.




Yes. It's exactly what it looks like.
Yes. It’s exactly what it looks like.

IMG_1256 IMG_1258

By this time it’s 6pm already, we decide to head back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.
A brief nap before we go out again, nash and hass recap some of the footage I took while I was tripping balls the prior day.

Hass for whatever reason really wants to try the burger at FEDO because apparently I sell it that well (It was incredible when I was high) so we ended up going there and having a quick burger as a starter for our dinner, it was still pretty awesome, so im kind of glad to know that not everything that day was a lie.


Dinner itself was at an Italian Restaurant nearby, It was kind of expensive so we were expecting something as amazing as the meals we had on the first day. We sat around and waited for around half an hour before the waiter came over, offered us a free round of drinks and said they had lost the order slip. Great. The mental image we had of them grinding the flour to make fresh pasta was shot down before our eyes.
Our meal eventually arrived, I ordered a mixed seafood spaghetti, which came with clams, mussels and prawns cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce. It was pretty underwhelming if i’m honest, and from here on I think i’m going to take a vow to never order pasta from a restaurant again (unless im in Italy perhaps?) because I have literally never been impressed by restaurant pasta in my life.


After dinner we decided to go for another bike ride, a journey to anywhere, to explore. Hass asked the hotel concierge for some nice places to visit at night, we put Nash in front to direct us, and then we were off to Rembrandtplein via dark canal sidetrips and dangerous roads.


We arrived at what appeared to be the end of a really crazy party, the nearby pubs and clubs were in full swing, and an empty stage had been erected for what was now a beer-can graveyard.
We did find a poffertjes shop though (traditional dutch dessert apparently?) – They were small round and doughey, Hass likened them to a cross between pancakes and doughnuts, which is probably about right, they taste like french toast, but served with copious amounts of icing sugar, butter and chocolate sauce – 8/10 Dessert, would recommend.



We wandered around some more, taking in the lights and sounds. until we came across a frozen yogurt shop, and just had to go in.
The shop was ÜServe, you go in, get a cup, fill it with yogurt, put toppings on it, then pay for it based on weight. There were so many flavours to choose from, I think I ended up going for chocolate truffle, White chocolate truffle, and strawberry and banana yogurt.
This is where stuff gets crazy, Nash calls me over and says something to the effect of “I found someone more racist than you”, and points to this white guy next to him, who, apparently – when Nash asked what the watermelon was, replied with “You should know, its the food of your people”. We bantered with him a little bit, “no fucking way did you just say that”, then he drops “theres rice krispies over there too, I know you guys like your rice” and we just fucking lose it.
How can I even be mad at someone that openly racist in public to people he’s only just met. We find out he’s jewish and try dropping some jewish jokes on him to even the score, “you gonna pay for all that?” – to which he snaps back “naw, i’ll pay for it, then i’m gonna complain”. We end up talking to this guy for around 30 minutes, even after the shop closes, turns out he’s is Mike, a gay jewish californian guy touring Europe.



The journey home was short and mostly peril free, the backstreets of Amsterdam were calm and the night air was crisp. Nash managed to start a race with a random dutchman, who promptly destroyed Nash and his rental bike before screaming “PEACE OUT” and laughing into the distance.