The job situation

So after being unemployed for a few months, my job offer comes in the form of a somewhat stern looking man who wants to hire me on the spot and start tomorrow.

The position is for a Office Administrator with the role involving payroll, ledger work, invoicing and so on. The position would pay 12k initially (fucking awful right?) and then possibly progress to 16.8k after 3 months (“for the right candidate”).

Normally i’d be happy for any job given the fact that I’ve been looking for what feels like ages, and I did technically say I’d take the job (though I didn’t sign anything and am on trial period), The problem comes in that this would be the end of the job search.
I originally left my accountancy and waitering jobs to find something with better pay and clear career progression – something which this job doesn’t even really have.
They want me to start the job tomorrow, however I already have 2 or 3 interviews penned in for next week, and they don’t seem keen on me doing both, these positions are for jobs which are actually good, jobs which i’d actually want to do, and would pay upwards of 17k from the get-go.

I really don’t know what to do right now.

One part of me says “good, you finally found a job, work hard and in 3 months you’ll be earning just under 17k”
The other part of me is greedy and egotistical and screams “fuck this place, you can do better!”

What do I do ._____.


> Be Me
> Get offered a job after 3 months of searching
> Turn that shit down like a boss
> …
> Regret that shit in 3 months.

This was the position for anyone interested –