Cloudberry Kingdom Review


Cloudberry Kingdom by Pwnee Studios is billed as an abusive platformer game with procedural level generation and a plethora of other changable factors for players to be able to create and share levels.

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The gimmick factor for Cloudberry Kingdom is without a doubt, the insanely hard levels it is able to generate, these levels will (apparently) always be beatable, and it’s that thrill or shock factor of seeing it which is the main pull of the game.
The main problem with the game then, comes in when you realise that these levels are completely infeasible for the majority of the gaming populace, and once you start to dial back the difficulty, you are left with a disappointingly mediocre and linear platforming experience.

This is what your actual experience will look like.
This is what your actual experience will look like.

There are a variety of different game modes and character modifiers which dramatically change the way the game works, these modifiers change the way the characters move or are able to interact with the level (an example is one of the modifiers is the gravity switch control style from VVVVVV). These modifiers in my opinion however, are simply not enough to vary the gameplay enough to keep you engaged and (in story mode at least) can actually turn into an annoyance as you will be presented with random modifiers at the start of the level without being informed (leading to you expecting to be able to double jump or something, and then promptly falling to your death).

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Cloudberry at least keeps deaths short and sweet, with 1 button level restarts, quick respawns, checkpoints on longer levels and so on. I did have a few gripes with the character movement when I first started playing, but you will be able to adjust somewhat after some play (though this again goes out the window once the modifiers start up and you find yourself jumping higher than before).

The ability to make your own character modifiers is pretty cool at least if you want to tinker with that stuff.
The ability to make your own character modifiers is pretty cool at least if you want to tinker with that stuff.

The music in the game is decent, though as expected there is somewhat of a lack of variety for it and the music isn’t quite good enough to carry it for extended periods (unlike something like meatboy for example, where the music is catchy yet not toooo catchy)

Graphically – and conceptually for that matter, Cloudberry Kingdom feels like a flash game you’d see on Newgrounds. Whilst I can sympathize with bad graphics in indie games (not everyone is an artist) it’s when I feel I could do better that I start to have a problem with it, because we aren’t talking stylized simple graphics, but rather just straight up simple graphics.

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Cloudberry kingdom is an mediocre masochistic platformer game, until you realise the asking price is £8, at which point you’ll start to really question the game.
It truly feels like a game that was intended to be an online flash game, then they realised they could try charging gamers to play it.

Approximate Game Length :  Few Hours (1-6 Hrs)
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £1 / £8 = 0.125
Should you play it : Skip. With so many other great masochistic platformers out there, there really isn’t much reason to pick this one. (Instead of playing this, pick one: Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV, Mario: Lost Levels, IWBTG, Rayman Origins/Legends, DKC:R, Element4l….)

Rating: 1/5

Might have been a 2/5 if there weren’t so many other better games out there being sold for much less than the asking price for Cloudberry Kingdom.