Gone Home Review : Thankfully not a horror game in disguise.

gonehomelogoGone home is less of a game and more of an ‘interactive story’, there are virtually no mechanics, challenges or puzzles so to speak – however that doesn’t mean its bad.

Gone Home features Katie as she returns home from her long holiday abroad, the house is empty, yet filled with various materials, memorabilia and diaries that provide the story. Examining set pieces in the house provide a vocal diary from Katie’s sister ‘Sam’ and so your 1 hour journey through the house has you piecing together the past.

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As Gone Home is the type of ‘game’ where knowing less will give you a better experience, I suggest you don’t look up too much on the game before playing it. I will say however that it is an interesting piece of work with nice visuals, convincing voicework and an interesting story.

It is somewhat shorter than I expected, running for me at around 1 Hour, I’ll be frank – £15 for this game is RIDICULOUS.
Consider that most games provide 1 hour of entertainment for £1 – £4 and provide various levels of fun, and then Gone Home steps in, with its £15/Hour price mark and providing only a story (a good story, but I mean, its no ‘To the Moon’). I would also say there isn’t a massive amount of replay value here (as with all story centric games), there are some additional locked containers and things which need additional searching through the house to find the codes, but that seems to be about it.
I did find that exploring the house was practically a lightswitch finding simulator – the house is dark, though there are lots of lights around inside, the problem is that most areas are so dark that finding the lightswitches isn’t always an easy task.

Introducing 'Dark House Simulator 2013'
Introducing ‘Dark House Simulator 2013’

SIde note, maybe I’ve just had too many scary experiences in the past, but I find it hard to play these sort of games without being paranoid that something is going to jump out at me or appear when I turn on a light/look in a mirror etc. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. There’s also an ‘afraid of the dark’ modifier you can turn on, which, if I’m honest, I’d probably turn on if I was to play through the game again.


Gone Home tries something new and succeeds in making a completely story driven exploration game that is entertaining and well paced, you’ll really enjoy listening to Sam’s story as it unfolds. The majority of its problems lie in its short length and absurd price tag, both minor problems if you are planning on obtaining the game through ‘other methods’ but a massive put-off to legit buyers who aren’t stacking paper to the ceiling.

Approximate Game Length : Very Short (45min – 90min)
Actual Worth / Price :  £2 / £15 = 0.13
Should you play it : Yes, It’s something different

Rating: 4/5

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