Life – August 2013


My aunt and her kids were staying with us for a few weeks, so that was kind of crazy. They were rather noisy, but could be kind of cute at times I guess

1186049_10152134090743206_1539620925_nThey’ve returned back home to Hong Kong now though, so its become relaxed again.
Meanwhile, Gavin has been off doing god-knows what on some extra curricular programs and such.


Managed to hit Gold 3 in League of Legends, not bad?
Other than that, the games I’ve reviewed recently, etc, there hasn’t been a ton of good stuff out to play. I’ve been playing some Payday2 every now and then, and have hit Level 41 recently (all the good unlocks need so many skill points to unlock goddamn).
Some of the other games I’ve played but didn’t review yet (or want to keep playing) include….
Dream – Which keeps trying to force me into playing a horror game
Skulls of the Shogun – Which I found kind of boring
Spelunky – Which I was hoping to progress further in before reviewing, but I keep dying.


Going on a cruise starting on this Sunday, going to France, Spain and Rome. I dont think theres any internet on board or in our hotel in Rome, so expect 2 weeks of no updates and then a ton of backdated posts with the pictures.


I may have found one. I dont want to announce anything until I properly start and stuff. But it’s looking good and I should be getting something in the mail soon and am scheduled to start on the 9th of September.

Anime / TV

Since I’ve started watching Running Man (which I still recommend, because that shit is hilarious), that’s pretty much taken up all of my TV time, I think I’ve watched around 50+ Episodes now, which is kind of terrifying considering they are 75mins+ each.

I’ve fallen so behind on all of this seasons shows. That said, having only enough time to watch essentials has given me a better understanding of which shows were good in the first place.
The shows I’m still making an effort to keep up with are: Space Brothers, Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, Watamote, Free!