Cruise 2013 – Day 2 – Escaping France and the ‘Legend of the Seas’

Still bitter from our experience last night, we set out earlyish after checking out from our hotel, the roads were slightly more lively as it is now a Monday, though the streets are still not quite what one would call busy. We mostly just went off for a wander around the streets of Marseilles  our hotel concierge had circled a small area of the town where there were some shops and such so we went to go and see what was there.

Yes, that is glorious leader
Yes, that is glorious leader

During our walk we ran into many of the same issues from yesterday, shit on the floor, the smell of sewage, random cars parked onto the pavement (why is that allowed?). Marseilles is clearly a place where nobody gives a shit about anything, or at least, that’s the feel we were getting from the place.

Oh this is where people stand to use the ATM? LIKE I GIVE A SHIT
Oh this is where people stand to use the ATM? LIKE I GIVE A SHIT

We went into a small shopping centre to have a little browse, but there wasn’t much in there at all, so we pretty much just passed through and kept walking the streets. We popped into a small old looking sweet shop and bought some Navettes (Marseilles speciality biscuit thing), we sampled some of the other stuff too.


The dock area had a different feel to it on a Monday morning (as opposed to a Sunday eve), there was some cool stuff around, a small boat-shop for example. We went into a small nearby church as well, just because it was there.


The rest of our time in Marseilles was pretty much walking back to our hotel through the back streets, I bought a fruit tart (which was amazing), we also saw some dumb chick who had gotten her SUV stuck in the extremely tight backstreets of france.



At last, it was time to bid Au revoir to France and get on our cruise ship, a short taxi ride, check-in and walk later, and we were on the ‘Legend of the Seas’, a gigantic cruise ship with 11 floors, multiple restaraunts, 2 pools, gym, rock climbing wall, casino, theatre… You get the idea, it’s a big goddamn boat.

IMG_1543 IMG_1553 IMG_1572

Holiday blog sort of turns into food blog at this point, as documenting my time on the cruise ship is about as easy as saying ‘I relaxed, did some sunbathing, and ate a lot’.

Lunch was spent at the wind…something café (which I keep calling Windrunner café just because.) – a buffet style restaurant which serves food most of the day, it had a huge selection, though as expected from a buffet the food quality is far from fantastic, It’s good enough though, and still better than our French dinner from yesterday.


Dinner was at the fancier restaurant, the Romeo and Juliet, Scallops for starter, a roasted duck for main (Duck with braised red cabbage, croquettes and beans) and then a banana crème brulee for dessert. It was a fancy meal, and I kind of look forward to seeing what else the restaurant has to offer (which is convenient as I’m pretty sure this is where we’re eating every night from now on whether we like it or not).

IMG_1583 IMG_1586

Little bit of a walkaround after dinner, and then back to the room to type this out and play on my phone, not sure why I didn’t think to bring my 3DS, but I really wish I had it right about now because theres way more waiting around in rooms than I’m used to.
Tomorrow we’re in Barcelona, hope its nice.