Cruise 2013 – Day 4 – Palma de Mallorca

A slightly later start today, followed by our now normal routine of heading to the Romeo and Juliet restaurant for breakfast, which was almost an English breakfast today.

We had decided today was going to be our beach day, the forecast given in the leaflet (we get a leaflet each night recommending what to do in the day’s location along with the forecast and timetable for the days events) said 28 degrees and sunny, so we headed to the top floor to get our beach towels… to be greeted with grey skies and rain.




Well shit. We got changed again and decided to head into town, hailed a taxi, yo home smell ya later etc, and we were at the cathedral, which probably has a more fancy and descriptive name, but it is a gigantic famous cathedral in Palma city centre, we had actually been here already two years or so ago when we came to Mallorca for a week, so we just kind of briskly walked through and had a little walk around the city. Fast forward an hour or two, and it is now 28 degrees, sunny as hell and there we are with no swimwear (I had actually changed into jeans like a retard), we decided that the boat still wasn’t too far away, so taxi again back to the boat to change – we stopped off at windjammer café to have a buffet lunch though (burger and salad for me with fruit salad dessert).

Did i ever mention I like gherkin and onion in my burgers?

One more taxi, a change of clothes and a rented beach towel later, and we were at beautiful Palma nova, a huge beach. The sun was beaming at full force and the sea water was surprisingly clean, we spent the next few hours just chilling out, alternating swimming with sunbathing.
I think I got a fair tan just from today, I certainly feel like I look darker when I see myself in the elevator mirrors.

IMG_1817 IMG_1821

That actually makes up the bulk of the day somehow, I think because we had already visited Palma before, it didn’t feel like much of a big deal and we (read: ‘I’) didn’t take many pictures, and then the other half of the day was spent laying on a beach, how much can I really say about that.
Oh, there were some titties, unfortunately there were not many nice titties but a fair few fat droopy ones, Gross.


Back on the boat and we had around 90 minutes to kill until dinner, I ended up on the 11th floor deck just lounging and listening to music for the majority of it. I took the above picture while lazing about, not bad for a phone picture.
Dinner tonight was a summer fruit medley followed by a chicken… something… I forgot the name of it, it was breadcrumbed and had a layer of ham and cheese inside it though, kind of like a fancy kiev or escalope. Dessert was a berry tart.



After dinner we all went our own ways again to kill time before bed, I ended up in the gym which is apparently less busy at this time of day (~9pm), I had a nice work out and then came back to the room to shower and blog. I think I worked my triceps too hard as everything is now incredible amounts of effort. Working out felt kind of good though, I may consider getting a gym membership when I go back home assuming my job leaves me enough time for that sort of thing.

The journey back to my room had me sharing a lift from 9th to 2nd with a bunch of high ranking ship officials – who were talking about the difference between land miles and nautical miles… I refuse to believe that is a standard conversation, and instead am pretty convinced I was just witness to a really long running employee in-joke where, upon sharing a lift with a customer, you have to come up with the most bullshit complicated ocean talk you can possibly think of.

Tomorrow we are in Valencia, Spain – I’m not entirely sure what to expect, maybe lots of oranges? Valencia oranges are a thing I’m pretty sure, not sure what else they have though.


I still need to do some shopping, I changed up 150 euros for this holiday, and whilst I know I could always save the money, it still feels like kind of a waste, I really regret not buying those swim shorts the other day in Barcelona, live and learn.

Of interesting note, the cruise maids work hard, and clean rooms TWICE daily, and leave stuff like this for you.
Of interesting note, the cruise maids work hard, and clean rooms TWICE daily, and leave stuff like this for you.