Cruise 2013 – Day 6 – At Sea (Boaties are fun)

(Didn’t really take my camera out for this day, as it was just walking around on the boat)

A nice little lay in, as its not like we’re going anywhere or have anything to explore. Breakfast was at windjammer again, nice little omlette, hash brown, corned hash, etc.
From here we had a little rest by the poolside (because we were so tired from eating breakfast, or something), then it was off to the gym for a while to nurse these sick swans.

Around 1pm, there was a belly flop competition out at the outdoor pool, with music blaring and fat people flopping into the pool to a cheering crowd, it was pretty funny stuff. Meanwhile the staff had fired up an outdoor BBQ by the poolside and were cooking masses of seafood and chicken paella (delicious).


I went back to the room to check on my brother, who apparently gets seasick easily, I thought I’d rest a spell… and ended up falling asleep. Whoops.

We lounged around in the room for a fair bit of time, wandered around the decks a little bit, had a snack at the poolside café (or rather, I had a snack – prawn noodle salad). There was a ‘capitals quiz’ happening in one of the bars downstairs so we headed down there to give that a go, just another something to try and pass the time. The jist of the quiz was basically just to name the capital city of a named country, the catch was that the countries were ridiculous ones that nobody cares about (eg. Estonia – my parents were so confused when I knew the capital of Estonia haha), we got a measly 7/15 score.
We spent a further hour or so playing ‘dai di’ (Chinese card game), then had to queue for the customer services to pay our bills and such.


Dinner was seafood heavy, with scallops for starter, cod, prawn and scallop with mash for main, and a strawberry soufflé for dessert. Then it was literal showtime, we went off to the showtime theatre for the first show of the night, which was a 2 piece Russian acrobatic performance – apparently the girl of the group was part of the Olympic gymnastics team or something. The show was incredible, the girl could do splits and throw her leg over her head as easy as snapping her fingers together, I got distracted a few times imagining what a gymnast girlfriend would be like. After the show ended, the cruise director rico came out and did a little comedy skit of some of the most stupid questions people ask him, with highlights being “do the crew sleep on the ship” and “do you use fresh or salt water in the toilets”.

20130830_215822 20130830_220542

The second show of the night, and the cruise finale as it were, was a 4 seasons performance with more acrobatics, this was in the atrium of the ship over 9 floors, so they had some real vertical space to play with, and used it well. The lighting in the atrium can change many colours as well so they used that along with the seasons theme, live singing, dancers and the aerial acrobatics to really create a grand finale performance. For the encore, most of the higher ranking staff came out for a sing-song (chefs, managers, etc).

20130830_224344 20130830_225436 20130830_225728 20130830_225925

We are departing the boat tomorrow morning, we’ve had a fantastic time aboard the Legend of the Seas and my time with royal Caribbean (the cruise company) has been a good one, We were handed a guest satisfaction survey and it was really hard to fault anything in particular.

Tomorrow we arrive at our final destination, Rome, Italy. From there we’ll be checking into another hotel and then exploring that city, in the meantime though, I should probably pack my suitcase ready for tomorrow…

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