Rayman Legends (PC) – Don’t go out on a limb for it


I forget if I reviewed Rayman Origins on here before, Origins was a game for men disguised as a game for children. It was fully aware that it would likely attract the same crowd that played the original games on the PC, and made adjustments to account for it.

Rayman Legends however, is a different story. Legends was designed from the ground up as a WiiU exclusive title, and it really shows, this wouldn’t be a particularly bad thing if playing on the WiiU itself, however nobody has that console, so odds are you are going to end up playing it on a more common platform. It’s too soon to talk about that though, so i’ll start from the beginning.

Rayman Legends 2013-09-03 17-30-02-67

Rayman Legends has some vague story which leads to you jumping into paintings to access levels and progress the game, there are 5 main worlds, each with about 10 levels each, these levels are reasonably sized and probably take a few minutes each depending on how much of a completionist you want to be. Legends also contains a fair few unlockable levels from Rayman Origins, and when I say a fair few, I mean a ton.

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Graphically this game looks even better than origins, really awesome cartoon presentation and the game seems to have much more depth than I remember seeing in origins. Musically however the game seems to have lost some of the memorable music that the original had in favour of somewhat more generic tracks which will be banished to the back of your mind as you play.

Rayman Legends 2013-09-05 19-31-50-32

Rayman Legends 2013-09-03 17-55-59-65

There are a ton of other little bits and pieces as well, collectables and unlockable characters and so on, sadly not really my flavour, but they would be great if you are enough of a completionist that you feel compelled to unlock it all.

Rayman Legends 2013-09-06 19-51-04-44

And now for the long string of bads.

Rayman Legends is inferior of Origins, there, I said it. I’m not entirely sure how reviewers can call this game an improvement over the last, perhaps they are playing it on the Wii U version – the game looks immensely fun on the WIi U, and has plenty of touchscreen bits for a second player to play around on while you play, these segments in single player however are reduced to ‘press Y’ and then the occasional ‘Mash Y’ (whilst you are running, jumping, and trying to do everything else).

The crazy chest challenge level things are gone and replaced with a laughably easy music segment which turns into ‘hold right and press jump/hit at the right time’, the fair yet incredibly challenging difficulty level has been scrapped in favor of ‘kid friendly goodness’ , even the level design has been dumbed down significantly to account for the new target audience and difficulty level – and yet, occasionally there are segments which are so badly designed they become too hard.

Rayman Legends 2013-09-09 17-39-33-36

I spent the first hour or two just playing the game without thinking much, yet was never actually particularly satisfied or having much fun, I presumed it was because the beginning levels are easier… the difficulty does not change over the course of the game.


Whilst not a bad game, Rayman Legends fails to understand what made Origins so much fun and the result is a watered down experience. In addition, the WiiU influenced level design causes around 30% of the levels to be slow and clunky experiences. To its credit, Legends does offer a good amount of content, and a meaty freebie throwback to Rayman Origins, but it still doesn’t get this bitter taste out of my mouth.

Approximate Game Length :  Short-Medium (3-12 Hours? depending on collection rate)
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £7.50 / £25 = 0.3
Should you play it : Meh, If you’re looking for a platformer to play, you could certainly do a lot worse, I wouldn’t go out of my way to play this one though.

Rating: 3/5