Unholy Heights

Fresh on steam, and at the budget price of £3, Unholy heights is an indie strategy/simulation/rpg which puts you in charge of an apartment complex for monsters.

The game quickly turns into a mix of simulation style management of apartments and their tenants, and strategy RPG style choosing which tenants you actually want to have, and then using them to fight off invading enemies.

UnholyHeights 2013-10-05 15-41-25-04

Gameplay itself is verrry simple, but then at the £3 price point, you wouldn’t really be expecting too much anyway, the game also seems to lack much direction or goal other than expansion of your accommodation and having all of the strongest monsters living in it.
Graphics are also very simple, but manage to convey the situation clearly enough. Music is fairly minimal with some plain BGM’s playing, and then a kind of bizarre hatsune miku-esque battle music song.

UnholyHeights 2013-10-05 16-14-32-61

I spent a few hours playing it whilst doing some other stuff, whilst its not a bad game, it doesn’t really do enough to grab your attention for very long. You’ll also very quickly get tired of the repetitive nature of it, as there isnt enough depth in the core gameplay.


Even for a budget title, Unholy Heights really doesn’t offer enough fun or depth in its gameplay to be playable for extended periods of time.

Approximate Game Length :  As long as your attention will last (20m – 4 Hours)
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £1.50 / £3 = 0.5
Should you play it : No,  though there are still worse games out there.

Rating: 2/5