The Wolf Among us (Episode 1) Review

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The Wolf Among Us is another episodic story adventure game by Telltale, a studio which, having developed one of the best games of last year, seem to now understand what exactly makes a good adventure game.

TWAU is based on a comic book series called Fables, which can probably be quickly summarised as ‘Fairy tales in New York’ with a dark and gritty twist on the affair, the story here focuses on Bigby Wolf (aka. Big B Wolf) who is the sheriff of fabletown, a murder occurs and you end up playing detective to get to the bottom of it all.
This was my first look into the ‘fables’ universe, and I have to say I found it very interesting, going through and seeing all of the characters and how they are portrayed in this alternate world is really cool and definitely something that will probably attract people both to the game, and to the original source material.

Apparently one of the 'little' piggies that Bigby made homeless crashes on his couch.
Apparently one of the ‘little’ piggies that Bigby made homeless crashes on his couch.

It feels like a pretty big departure from the Walking Dead games, in that this feels like significantly more of a solo affair, similarly there seems to be less focus on interaction with other characters and more on interaction with the world and the story itself.
What do I mean by that? Well other than the obvious clicking on the environment to examine stuff and pick up clues, there are also segments in the game which are super obvious black or white style ‘this is going to massively impact the story’ – something which I would LOVE to talk more about, but will refrain from doing in order to not spoil any of the story.
There are a lot of action sequences in TWAU, from brawling quicktime events, to chasing people in segments which feel funnily similar to Shenmue.

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The first episode runs around 2 hours, and has its fair share of twists and turns in itself, however judging by the ‘next episode’ segment at the end of the episode, we are definitely in for a ride.


The first episode in what will almost certainly be another fantastic series from Telltale, think LA noire meets Telltale, set in an amazing looking comicbook universe.

Approximate Game Length :  ~2 hours for this episode
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £??  / £19 =
Should you play it : Yes

I wont be rating anything or assigning worth until all the episodes are out, but episode 1 alone was probably around a 4/5. The pricing seems possibly a little high, but if TWD is anything to go by, there will be a crapton of sales down the line, which will almost certainly bring it to a good purchase.

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