A short story about a forbidden love between two vehicles.



Dear Kyo,

We met on the A1, on a dark stretch, you overtook me with your bright headlights.
I gave chase of course, and kept up with ridiculous speeding, your full beam scanning for speed cameras. We travelled for hundreds of miles (or well, around one hundred), with you leading the way for most of the journey.
At times, I was sure you had caught wind of my following, that time you slowed down to 60 comes to mind, we played chicken for a while, til’ I overtook you and sped off.
I thought I might have seen the last of you, but of course, 5 minutes later, those bright headlights of yours found me in the darkness again, as you once again overtook and tried to leave me behind in the dark.
Remember that time you panicked when you almost overtook that police van? and then a few minutes later we both realised it wasn’t actually a police van, that was funny.
I overtook you one more time, and said my goodbyes in my head, you disappeared for 10 miles or so… and then suddenly, as I turned off the motorway to head into the suburbs, who else would shoot past me but you.
From the lonely darkness of the midlands, to the warmth of my hometown, you were there to keep me from going insane on my long journey home. Thank you.
I’m just sad I never got to give a proper goodbye.

ps. Chill out with the speeding, you’re going to kill yourself.