Batman: Arkham Origins – PC Review

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The third game in the Batman Arkham Series, though this one is made by Warner Bros. instead of Rocksteady who developed the last 2 games, the result of this is a game which comes across as media which is almost trying to imitate itself.

Right off the bat here, i’ll say that Arkham Origins feels like Arkham City, in pretty much every sense, the combat is virtually untouched, the city feels familiar, probably half of the game assets are straight up taken from the previous game, and all of the core gameplay mechanics are the same.
Arkham Origins almost begins to have a Zelda feel to it, completing essentially the same tasks game after game, yet at least Zelda put a new lick of paint and a new spin on it before sending you into the gauntlet of dungeons and bosses.

The game is beautiful at least, this isn't running at mid-high settings
The game is beautiful at least, this isn’t running at mid-high settings

And therein lies the problem, many review websites are slaughtering Arkham Origins because it lacks any original content other than the story (and really, the story is nothing to be celebrated), this seems unfair however as the game is still solid, the predator segments are entertaining, the free-flow combat is fun and the graphics are brilliant.

Unfortunately, Origins somehow manages to go backwards in several aspects…
Once past a certain point in the game, you get the shock gloves, which essentially trivialize most fights by turning batman into a complete monster.
The hub world is equal parts barren and completely nonsensical, Arkham city was supposed to be an enclosed city for inmates, Arkham Asylum was.. an asylum, why then is there no life aside from thugs and corrupt cops in the hub world in this game?
And unlike Arkham City, you wont even really want to explore any of the world anyway, gone are the clever riddles, and replaced with boring collectibles scattered around randomly, few of which actually seem that challenging to collect as long as you have the correct equipment.
The game is also significantly more buggy/glitchy than previous titles, In my playthrough I had to reload checkpoints 3 times because I would run into game-breaking bugs, examples: unable to climb into vent, unable to interrogate enemy as he was floating, batman refusing to move…

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I could go on and on, but it would all come back to the same main point…


Batman: Arkham Origins is a solid game, but it fails to live up to its predecessor and instead feels like a step backwards. It’s by no means bad, but gives scary vibes towards a Call of Duty or Assassins Creed style serialization with little innovation.

Approximate Game Length :  10-15 hours for main story and some extras
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £25  / £39 = 0.625
Should you play it : No, If you’ve played the previous 2 games, this is more of the same, if you havent played the previous 2 games, you should probably go play those instead.

Rating: 4/5

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