Meng and the police

So I had my first experience with the police the other night, I never thought my first time being pulled over would be for something other than speeding but there you go.

I got pulled over because apparently the hire van im driving isnt showing valid insurance, I certainly didn’t have any in the car, and as such, I was given 7 days to turn in my insurance papers to a police station.


Unfortunately for me, I made a few mistakes during question and answer time.
And by that i mean, I told the truth.
uh oh.

As a result, there is a fair chance im going to have to dispute whatever fine they try to give me, or just outright get fucked and end up with points on my license.

The insurance we have is for work use only, however when asked ‘what am I doing’ I replied going to get food, how was I supposed to know that ‘what are you doing’ was code for ‘are you using the vehicle for business or pleasure’.

Oh, I also gave a non existing police station name to the officer when he asked where im going to give the documents to. Apparently that police station isnt a thing. Whoops (part2)