Meng’s adventure with Tekkit Minecraft

So dils server recently switched from hosting vanilla minecraft to ‘Tekkit’, a mod pack for minecraft which is essentially a giant pack of mods.
While I was initially completely dumbfounded by all of the new stuff, eventually I began to come round and see the light.

What followed was essentially a rediscovering of everything that made me enjoy minecraft so much in the first place – the sense of discovery.

I think by far my favourite addition in the tekkit pack is the inclusion of basically being able to make factories, automate tasks, and do all sorts of other ridiculous things which would normally be completely unimaginable. My current setup is able to take items from a chest, process them, anad then separate them out before putting them into separate furnaces, all powered from a generator hooked up to a giant battery.
We just wont go into how much materials it took to make everything, but its so worth it! Look how awesome it is! It also doubles the ingots you get if you put in raw ore.



Dil has been having some similar fun off on the other side of the map, playing around with the new quarry stuff which allows for automated digging and piping of materials. We’ve already accumulated a few thousand cobble of which god knows what we are going to do with.


And then of course there is the modular power suit stuff, its awesome to be able to gather materials from across the world and then finally be able to make that motor or circuit to permanently upgrade your suit with a new power. I think I can currently jump 10 blocks high, glide, nightvision, scan for ore, shoot tron disks.. I might look into jetpacks and railguns next.

And the best bit? The fact that it still feels like we have barely scratched the surface, there are still a few hundred items we have no idea about, a bunch of stuff to do with quantum computers, alternate dimensions, altered timelines, a journey to the moon, particle cannons and all sorts of insanity. it feels like even though ive spent the last few days playing, my journey is only beginning.

Home sweet home Originally inspired by kami's lookout from dragonball, then it turned into some sort of observatory looking thing
Home sweet home
Originally inspired by kami’s lookout from dragonball, then it turned into some sort of observatory looking thing

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  • Tekkit is a great mod! It ads so much more to the game. Vanilla is always goo but there are so many more mods available that the possibilities are endless. Great Article, Keep up the good work.

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