Guest Top 10 2013 – Henrik (GrantDN) Nr.6


Get dunked.

This is probably the part where some folks will close this tab and forget this list ever happened. If you’re still reading, let me explain why I enjoyed Ninja Theory’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise and why it was an enjoyable game that I’d recommend anyone that enjoys reflex-intensive action games check out.

DmC has a neat visual design to it’s world, from just the artistic variety they show off in the levels, to the levels themselves morphing and transforming depending on the context of the situation. The music is mostly based on contemporary music, mainly dubstep tracks which some people might not enjoy, but I felt it seemed absolutely appropriate for the very adrenaline-focused nature of these types of games. The story is dumb and the characters are very ‘’take it or leave it’’ in that regard, but I will say, if anyone out there has ever actually found themselves invested in the lore of Devil May Cry, you should be ashamed of yourself, that is all.

Topsy-Turvy Turmoil
Topsy-Turvy Turmoil

While DmC might not be a 60-fps fun ride on the consoles, I never saw that as a massive hindrance, and hell, if you’re that stubborn about having your perfect framerate in your action games, just grab the PC version, where you’ll get incredible visual fidelity as well as fantastically smooth frame-rate assuming you’ve got the hardware to match.

I found DmC to be fun, and I thought Ninja Theory did an admirable job. If they were the ones to work on the sequel, I’m sure a minority of people would lose their shit, but y’know what? Fuck those people, fuck ‘em in their stupid, weeaboo, stuck-in-the-past mentality. Bring on a DmC 2, cause from what I’ve seen of this first attempt, I’m ready for another one.

Top 10 Runner-up: MGS: Revengeance


For the people who wanted DmC to stick more to its japanese roots, and keep that smooth frame-rate on the console versions, Platinum Games have you covered. I never liked Raiden in MGS4, I thought Kojima’s attempt to ‘’redeem’’ his character by making him a badass cyborg ninja was incredibly stupid, which hey, MGS is known for so par-for-the-course I guess.

MGS: Revengeance manages to bring the cutscene Raiden from MGS4 to life though, with you being able to slash almost anything in the environment into itty-bitty blocks of textures, which is always enjoyable to watch, but it also has that very twitchy, slightly unforgiving combat that old DMC games were known for, as well as having that Platinum style to it which makes for a very enjoyable, if slightly short experience.

At about 5 hours on the normal difficulty, MGS: Revengeance is definitely not in it for a marathon run, but for a short sprint, it is certainly exciting enough to give a play.


If you’re not interested in getting it on 360/PS3, it seems a PC version is technically still in development, although WHEN it’ll actually come out will still need to be seen.