A very Minecraft christmas?

So I believe I have finished all immediate work for now, and my schedule is free until after the new year. Of course theres a chance I will be called up and asked to work, but lets hope that doesn’t happen for at least a little while eh?

Nothing too noteworthy recently, anime series ‘Kill La Kill’ reached its (probably) halfway point and went batshit insane, so be sure to check that out if you are into action shows.

Other than that i’ve just been playing Minecraft and sifting through some of the other games I have on steam. I sort of dislike how much of a time sink Minecraft is, but at the same time, the things i’m making ¬†at the moment are pretty advanced and it feels really interesting, making a fully automated, self sustaining factory is incredibly satisfying.

minecraftislandsHeres what ive been working on recently. I actually really like the design of it, even though its one of the few bases I just kind of made on the fly without thinking too hard, usually I like to get a rough idea in my head before I start building but this was really just like ‘okay we’ll make a clover’ and then it just grew and grew and grew, and now it reminds me of something out of another videogame entirely.
Each island has its own function, and though you can’t really see it, there is a TON of underwater piping and cabling to make sure everything is kept powered and supplied.

Some of the paths are pretty elaborate, for example, cows -> manure -> composter -> fertilizer -> wheat -> breed cows -> baby cows -> XP and drops.

Oh. also my engine room is insane and still not enough power for everything.