A short lived Pokemon Y life

Gave Pokemon Y a quick playthrough before deleting the save data and wrapping it for my brother’s christmas present. It was pretty decent, though as usual the battle system put me to sleep. It was kind of refreshing to play … Read More

Merry Christmas!

Super short blogpost just on the days proceedings. Just the usual over in Mengland, a visit over to the grandparents for some casual gambling and sitting around waiting for the day to pass by – Saw Bolt too (the film) … Read More

Top 10 PC games of 2014

2014 Marked an almost upsetting year for video games, even with the new consoles released last year, we saw depressingly few truly good games on the PC (Though to be honest, this list could probably cover consoles as well because … Read More

A day out at Escape Hunt London

Went to Escape Hunt London today – http://london.escapehunt.com/ , apparently the London edition of a concept which has found success across the globe – I actually remember seeing a similar escape room style thing while we were on Holiday in … Read More

Top 10 of 2014 : Anime

Probably an above average year overall for anime, with every season having at least two standout shows. For my own sanity, we are counting shows that started in 2014, not those that ended in it.   #10¬†Akame ga Kill¬†// Action … Read More

Rhythm Game Q4 Meetup

Spent the weekend over at Astro City again, this time however, the quarterly rhythm game meetup was occuring – As I understand it, these have actually been going for a fair while, so I was sort of worried and anxious … Read More

Life – November 2014

The months seem to be going faster now, it seems insane to think we’re almost going into December 2014, and then rapidly into 2015 – It feels like only the other month Ian wandered off and almost died during 2013’s … Read More