Still no work, guess i’ll play more vidya? (part 2) – Puzzle and Dragons

So recently, I had to basically reset my phone, I kept on getting these prompts about low memory, the app manager and storage manager things on my android said I should have around 1gb more than I actually had. Im pretty sure it was due to system logs or cache or something dumb that I couldn’t access because my phone wasn’t rooted.
I bit the bullet and rooted my phone, and while I was at it, said yolo and installed cyanogenmod and went from Android 3.2 Gingerbread to 4.3 Jellybean.

but this isn’t really what this post is about, oh no.
This post is about what happened next, with all of my apps and games deleted, I knew I would have to download more stuff before work started, otherwise I would be in for a whole world of boredom.

I downloaded a game called ‘Puzzle and Dragons’, a game that is pretty big in Japan, with television commercials and such – more recerntly it has apparently had an american release, but not one in Europe as it’s impossible to download on the play store. Weird.


This game is addictive to the maximum, I love simple games like Bejeweled, and this game basically fuses Bejeweled with Pokemon and then tacks on daily and weekly events  as well as a stamina bar to keep you coming back.
You have a roster of 5 monsters, and then fight your way through dungeons similar to how you would in puzzle quest, your monsters have elements, you match those elements and they attack – simple.
Enemies you defeat in the dungeons have a chance of becoming an egg which gets added to your inventory, and then through breeding and feeding, you can power up the monsters you have and eventually evolve them into stronger monsters. Uh oh.
Some of the monsters have multiple elements, active skills, leader skills, 4 evolutions and then an ultimate evolution.

It is a crazy addictive formula of dungeon grinding, puzzle gameplay and pokemon style monster evolution to make the ultimate team. Some monsters also have groupwide buffs or bonuses for type and that sort of thing so there is definitely incentive to make a sweet team.
And of course, for a social game, adding friends helps you get free items and stuff as well as bonuses in combat.

Ugh. Whoever made this is a genius, because im completely hooked.

If anyone else plays it regularly, add me to friends list so we both get bonus shit.

Heres a download mirror for the US client