What you should be watching this season (Winter 2013/14)

As we start the new year, we get a whole slew of new shows, and to nobodies surprise, tons of mediocre stuff with schoolgirls, 1 show about little sister incest, some robot shows, some shows which are godawful, and a few sequels thrown in for good measure.

There do seem to be a LOT of superpower / Magic shows this season. with maybe half the shows having some form of magic/powers/skills.

Oh well. Lez go!


Please note: All opinions formulated after watching 2 (or less) episodes of the series. Views expressed here will not represent the series as a whole, and there’s a fair chance i’ll call something good and then it’ll go and turn shitty in episode 3.
Also note: Things are ordered in their tiers from Best to Worst – So for example, the first thing listed in the worst tier is ‘best of the crap’.

Space Dandy Tier:

Space Dandy


Who am I to argue with the dandiest guy in space? Space Dandy is almost like a spiritual successor to the classic anime ‘Cowboy Bebop’, the main difference is Space Dandy doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest. The story is episodic and (if episode 1 is anything to go by) completely self contained (watch episode 1. seriously.).
If anything on this list could end up as anime of the year 2014, space dandy is probably it.
As an added bonus, it’s available in both Japanese and English audio, with the latter being perfectly watchable.

Lookin’ Good Tier:

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil


In a world where magicians exist, we have the wizard barristers who try to represent defendants in magical court. It’s one part phoenix wright mixed with 2 parts ‘magical Index’ and it makes for an interesting mix of detective work and magical action scenes. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. Very flashy animation on the magical attacks which is pretty cool.

False Love


Pure comedy, the manga has been picking up fans recently apparently, and will probably moreso now that the anime adaptation has started. It follows the son of triad boss… as he fakes a relationship with the daughter of another triad boss, and they hate each other to bits. It more or less writes itself just from the basic plot, but the show seems backed by some very likable characters as well as a love triangle. The art in this one is very nice too I might add, reminds me of bakemonogatari style.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Engaged to the unidentified


Mikakunin is hard to describe, it’s kind of a genre reversal of the sudden girlfriend appearance, in that the female MC of this show kind of wakes up one day married to some guy who then comes and lives with her (along with adorable loli step-sister). It’s not serious in the slightest, but it’s proven itself funny and entertaining in the 2 episodes thanks to good character design.
Oh also. Best OP this season.



Noragami is about a girl whose soul gets intermittently detatched from her body, she seeks help from a god who turns out to be somewhat useless. Now despite the brief summary I just wrote, Noragami isn’t actually that funny, but more of a light action / drama. It’s kind of interesting, but at the same time if it only maintains this pace I may lose interest before the end of the series.

Hamatora The Animation


This one kind of reminds me of Persona4, a group of people with special powers going around doing detective and contract work… All of the members of the group have their own powers, as do most of the bad guys…The surprising thing though is that the superpowers manage to be the weakest part of the series, overshadowed by the plot. A serial killer is on the loose, and the hamatora team is on the case (as well as any other case that crosses their path), the cases themselves are self contained, and interesting, with their own little twists and turns. Recommended, arguably the best 2 episodes overall this season.

‘Watchable’ Tier:

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
The Pilot`s Love Song

School life romance.. but set in a pilots school in a floating city above the clouds, looks pretty serious as school romance anime goes, take that how you will. First 2 episodes seem decent, though the plot is looking a little predictable and fairytale like at the moment.


Feels like ‘Silver spoon’ the anime but with more of a focus on comedy and fanservice. 1 Episode in and already 2 nude scenes. Doesn’t look like theres masses of plot so to speak of, probably just going to be a slice of life with some love triangle thrown in, but i’m okay with this.

Witch Craft Works

Riding smoothly in the space between good and bad is ‘Witch Craft Works’, about a guy who is suddenly under attack from witches and the witch who appears to protect him. The plot in this one is pretty bad, yet this show manages to maintain being pretty watchable somehow. It’s sort of funny and entertaining to watch, but even after 2 episodes i’m not quite convinced I want to watch the rest of it yet. One thing I will say is that the witch protecting him seems to be somewhat overpowered right now, feels like having a Lvl99 chara babysit a lowbie through trash mobs (which will either make complete sense to you as a reader, or not make any sense at all.).

World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Yet another ‘Guy stumbles into unfamiliar world’ shows, this time with some guy that pledges allegiance to a loli that turns out to be the leader of a military group. It’s dumb, but there are worse shows this season. I’m still undecided if i’m going to be following this one.

Wake Up, Girls! // Wake Up, Girls! Shichinin no Idol

An idol anime, however this one turned out to be deeper than I anticipated. I expected a song and dance with some girls and fanservice, but what I got instead was a story about 7 girls trying to make it into the entertainment business. It’s deeper than it looks. Oh also, the latter link is for the short film, which is kind of the prequel to the series, I’d watch that first, as the anime series starts of kind of weak without that backstory.


About a girl who suddenly finds out she has Oda Nobunaga’s genes or something, she gets recruited into an organization to fight aliens… Despite the somewhat random and cliche plot of saving the world from aliens, Nobunagun was okay for the first 2 eps, The weapon system of using ancestral genes is something new (their weapons are based on their genes, and their genes are based on famous historical figures), it was interesting to see Gandhi and Newton’s powers (the latter being a giant foot which can change gravity).

Sequel Tier:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Sequel to 2012’s ‘Chu2koi’ about delusional teenagers, this one is a little more cutesy as it follows on chronologically from the first series.

Seitokai Yakuindomo *

Sequel to perverted 2010 anime of the same name. Still doing dickjokes.

Eeehhhh…. Tier:


Eeeeehhhhh…. School comedy, but isn’t very funny… Best of the worst award though, so…yeah. There are worse shows out there, but you should probably just go and watch ‘Daily Lives of highschool boys’, ‘yuru yuri’, ‘School rumble’, etc etc instead.

SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation

It’s like slice of life K-on style but not very good… I might put it on in the background while im playing games or something I guess.

Buddy Complex

Guy travels through time, ends up in a robot. Could be good, but robots really arent my thing so I’m not sticking around to find out.

Nobunaga the Fool

Dropped this one straight up. Got about 3/4 of the way through the episode and I didn’t have a damn clue what was going on, nor did I care to put in any effort to work it out.

Mahou Sensou

Bad. Not to mention dumb in a bad way. A guy gets dragged into a world of magic, has a gun pulled on him (as well as magic) and doesn’t even bat an eyelid. He then goes ahead to take on a magic user with a final fantasy sword… with a wooden kendo sword… and wins.
In these sorts of stories the main character at least acts a little bit shocked but not this guy, balls of fucking steel. Maybe he just gets held up at gunpoint often.
Also there is some girl that sticks a syringe needle in her mouth to use her powers or someth– i don’t fuckin know this show is retarded.
Also did this girl really just acquire magic power to make her tits bigger?
The only reason you should watch this show is to see how bad it is. Jesus.

‘Are you fucking serious?’ Tier:

Sakura Trick

Turn 360 degrees and walk away.
Seriously though, this is basically ‘lesbians: the anime’, if you want to spend 20 minutes of your life each week watched animated girls kiss each other, who am I to judge.

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.
aka. Imocho

imocho takes top spot for ‘worst anime this season that you will watch in secret’. Little sister basically gets a chastity belt with a gauge which fills up when she gets sexually excited over her brother, if she doesnt fill it up, she’ll die. Yeeeeeaaahhhh……. This one goes exactly as you would expect. Also whoever directed this show has a piss fetish because she always seems to need the toilet (and has already pissed herself once.)


Thats all folks?
I didn’t bother listing the short shows here, there is ‘Tonari no Seki kun’ which is nichijou but not as entertaining (ending song is pretty awesome though), and ‘Strange+’ which seems entertaining, but certainly lives up to its name (iirc they shoot an ass at a helicopter and it explodes or something? idk. strange+.)
I guess this season doesn’t look too bad after all, and of course, there are still plenty of great shows coming through from last season – Kill la kill, Ippo rising, Yowapedal, space brothers, Dia no Ace, and probably some others im missing.