NaissanceE (PC) – Review

NaissanceE is a beautiful abstract maze filled with interesting architecture, though at other times it can feel like a confused first person journey through Autodesk Maya… perhaps I should explain. NaissanceE is a game with no narrative, no clear objective, … Read More

Titanfall Beta opinions

So ive been in the Titanfall PC closed beta for a little while and played enough to get a good feel for the game, and my initial thoughts are… that it’s pretty damn good. From what ive heard the game … Read More

Jazzpunk (PC) – Review

Jazzpunk is the funniest game i’ve ever played. There, did I get your attention yet? Seriously though, I’ve played way too many games to count, yet there are only a handful of games which have properly made me laugh out … Read More

Pid (PC) – Quick Review

Pid is made by unknown developer ‘Might and Delight’, and is a basic platformer with some anti-gravity beam stuff thrown in. The game visually is very nice, and is somewhat similar looking to modern day CGI films, the developers clearly … Read More

Emergency Couple

So after speeding through 180something episodes of Running Man (and these episodes are like 90 mins each mind.), It was almost inevitable that I would end up eventually dipping my large disgusting feet into the gigantic world of Korean drama. … Read More

Southend on sea

Was scheduled to do a store in southend today, went there and apparently the work had already been done, So instead I walked around the beach for an hour or so. Not a bad day of work?

Life – January 2014

Life So after a nice relaxing christmas holiday with lots of time off, i’m back in the saddle travelling around the country for work. Have clocked up about 800 miles over the last two weeks if thats any indication, and … Read More