Emergency Couple

So after speeding through 180something episodes of Running Man (and these episodes are like 90 mins each mind.), It was almost inevitable that I would end up eventually dipping my large disgusting feet into the gigantic world of Korean drama.
Now this isn’t a post to say i’ve turned into some Kdrama buff, nor am I a fan to the level I watch Japanese animation, but I’ve started watching one, and goddamn is it good.

Of the thousands out there, I went for currently airing medical drama ‘Emergency Couple’ (응급남녀), and while I kind of wish I had picked one that had already finished airing (because cliffhangers suck), there is something oddly satisfying about being up to date with a show, and knowing that everyone else in the world is on the same page and seeing it at roughly the same time as you.


I initially started watching it based purely on synopsis, and the knowledge that Song ji hyo (from Running Man) is starring in it, the storyline is pretty easily grasped from just watching the first episode, but the TLDR is that a divorced couple are forced to work together in ER.

To say that the series is better than I expected would bean understatement, I kind of watched the first episode out of curiosity and instantly ended up marathoning the series up to the current episode at the time (which was only 4 episodes, but i mean, still 4 hours worth of TV). The show is full of characters you can sympathize with, along with some characters which arguably play their role as villain too well (I never thought I’d hate a television character more than Joffrey from Game of Thrones but ‘oh chang mins’ mother is on a whole other level of infuriating)

If you have a spare hour or two, and aren’t bothered by the whole foreign TV thing, give the show a shot, I fell in love with it, maybe you will too.

English wikipedia page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Couple
Online Stream w/ Eng subs – www.dramago.com/korean-drama/emergency-couple