Pid (PC) – Quick Review

Pid 2014-02-08 12-15-59-49

Pid is made by unknown developer ‘Might and Delight’, and is a basic platformer with some anti-gravity beam stuff thrown in.
The game visually is very nice, and is somewhat similar looking to modern day CGI films, the developers clearly are adept at modelling and graphical work, however they forgot to add a crucial element into their game, fun.

According to steam I have been spent an hour or so playing Pid but honestly it feels like i’ve been at it for hours, the game is a slow paced gauntlet of environmental traps which are often easy to both complete and execute, it is likely this ease that makes the game drag on like it does – the player knows what they have to do, but executing the moves and getting yourself from A to B is hindered by the main character himself, who runs slowly, and floats along at his own pace. Not once in the time i’ve spent playing have I found myself actually entertained to any extent, rather just forcing myself to play through to see if it gets any better.

Pid 2014-02-15 17-29-40-57

Granted for all I know the game might magically transform into something actually fun after another hour or so of gameplay, but i’m not prepared to force myself through any more of this ‘game’ to actually find out.


Pid should serve as an excellent reminder to game developers that art, direction and gameplay mechanics can only carry a game so far, if the game isn’t actually fun or interesting to play, your game is trash.

Approximate Game Length :  As long as you can tolerate it
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £0.20  / £7 = 0.03
Should you play it : No, if you are looking for indie art shite, there are better games for it, if you are looking for a platformer, those are around in abundance too.

Rating: 1/5