Jazzpunk (PC) – Review

Jazzpunk is the funniest game i’ve ever played.

There, did I get your attention yet? Seriously though, I’ve played way too many games to count, yet there are only a handful of games which have properly made me laugh out loud, Jazzpunk sits at the top of this handful, championing a golden wrestling belt, a medal and a tiara.
What makes it so good? The sheer unpredictability of it, mixed with a ton of curveballs and a giant dose of funny writing and puns, the world of Jazzpunk is never quite as it appears, something you’ll understand from the very first 5 seconds of the game.

Jazzpunk 2014-02-16 18-06-50-92

Jazzpunk 2014-02-16 18-10-53-59Lets dial back to some more normal review talk, in Jazzpunk you play an agent sent out to complete ridiculous missions in ridiculous fashions, the game doesn’t really hold your hand at all in this regard, just giving the occasional hint to push you in the right direction – the real meat of the game however arent the missions, but the worlds they are in, wandering 5 feet off the metaphorical beaten track is an absurd world of side missions, short sequences, and even games. The game itself is fantastically self aware and uses this to its advantage, borrowing from pop culture and other games when it needs to, and using them to full effect rather than the borderlands 2 style of just throwing memes at you at any given opportunity (the street fighter noises in the map stage had me in tears).

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The graphics are odd to describe, they are essentially shitty, yet at the same time complement the style of the world so well that after playing, you’d have trouble imagining the graphical style being any other way. The environments themselves are bright with strong outlines, the characters are simple yet quirky and everything has just enough detail to be clearly understood, without having so much that the cel-shaded style becomes cluttered.
Music and sound are used to fantastic effect through the game, with noises straight out of cartoons and stock sound packs, along with sounds borrowed from other sources. The voice acting for most characters is also fantastic (and im thinking in particular of a certain waitress at kai tak resort).

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This is a game that does almost nothing wrong, I did have a minor graphical glitch, and a crash upon trying to DJ with a record player, but other than that and the games short length and relative high price (game runs at around 90 mins for the core experience) this is a fantastic game. Also worth noting that it’s rare for a game to get the humour so spot on.


Jazzpunk is a comedy masterpiece. Though it’s length is short and it’s price high, you can be sure that every minute spent playing will have a stupid grin on your face.

Approximate Game Length :  75 mins – 2 hours
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £8 / £12 = 0.66
Should you play it : Definitely, consider acquiring through other means if the price is too steep for you, but you this is a game which deserves to be played.

Rating: 5/5

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