Titanfall Beta opinions

So ive been in the Titanfall PC closed beta for a little while and played enough to get a good feel for the game, and my initial thoughts are… that it’s pretty damn good.

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From what ive heard the game is more or less done and they are now just optimising netcode and tweaking numbers so I would hope that the beta is a pretty good indication of what the game is going to play like at launch – and I mean, that would make sense considering its coming out in under a month now and presumedly went gold ages ago.

Movement in Titanfall is bliss, you can twitch all you want, you can double jump and wallrun to reach some crazy places, and parkour feels easy and intuitive. There are a few occasions where you’ll wallrun unintentionally and it’ll cost you a second or so, but its really no big deal.
While pilotting a Titan they opted against the typical sluggish nature of giant robots, and instead have given 1:1 aim as normal, so 360 noscopes are totally possible in titans, they cannot jump however, which limits them slightly but at the same time makes sense, the boosting is great and makes for skill fights depending on what other titan’s loadouts are (it is probably possible to win a 1v3 duel against titans with the quad rockets with good use of reflect shield and boost)

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It’s basically call of duty with parkour, you okay with that? because I am. Then after 5 minutes the titans start dropping in, and it turns into call of duty while being hunted by giant robots if you go outside, that said, you can totally fight the Titans 1v1 if you play your cards right and use your stealth to rodeo (ride on top of the titan and do damage in its blind spot) or bombard them, every pilot gets an anti-titan weapon so while you’re always outgunned, you can still outplay.
Everyone also gets access to cloak (as an option) which is super effective against titans, which can really help if you feel helpless against them, it’s great at giving yourself a little extra edge in firefights as well – though an odd side-effect of using the cloak is that you cant see your weapon model anymore, naturally this extends to gunsights as well, meaning snipers can’t cloak and snipe easily.
Many people were concerned about the lack of big team battles, with the game only sporting 6v6 and some AI bots, this turns out to be fine, and I think the main reason for it is because of the titans and how powerful they are, I don’t want to imagine a game where I might have to fight against more than 6 titans, because they refuse to die when im fighting them. The ‘minions’ act as cannon fodder and help reduce the cooldown on your titan, as well as pad your points and give you something to shoot at, my only complaint is that it’s often hard to distinguish players from AI minions and so you’ll end up wasting ammo on some robots, only to have a player appear from the group of minions and gun you down while you are reloading.

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Despite some low res textures (which you wont notice unless you’re looking at screenshots) the game looks fantastic and runs at a pretty good framerate on my rapidly ageing setup. The HUD is filled with some useful information but never clutters too much which is nice, the voice information is handy telling you how the match is going, and when your next titanfall drop is ready, it’s useful if you are like me and paranoid of taking your eyes off the centre of the screen.
There are some really cool digital effects when in the titan, having lightning grenades thrown at you for example distorts your vision in what is similar to an extreme version of watching youtube at 144p.

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Pretty standard affair here, though they do have a very cool epilogue at the end of matches where the losing team needs to ‘get to the choppa’ and the winning team gets to hunt everyone down, its a fantastic final piece which lets both teams have a final rush, I’ve found theres nothing more exhilarating than parkouring across buildings while being chased by players, before jumping on the evac ship with 0 seconds to go before it warps. On the other side, there’s nothing more satisfying than beating the losing team to the evac point and standing there with your titan or sniper rifle, ripping them a new asshole as they desperately try to scramble onto their ship before it leaves.
Matches seem a little on the short side, or rather the interval period between matches is too short (currently at 90 seconds when a game probably takes around 10 mins).

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Tons of unlockable challenges and equipment, majority of the weapons have unlockable attachments which are gained in similar fashion to MW2, awarded at X amount of kills or time spent using the weapon, the obvious upgrades are things like extended mag, and weapon sights, but im sure there will be other unlocks in the full game. Of special note are the titan weapons which can also be augmented, with things like a weapon spinup added to the titan assault rifle, or burst fire added to the cannon. Titanfall also introduces something called Burn Cards, which are probably easiest described as an extra perk slot which runs on consumables, cards will be acquired during gameplay and have a variety of effects, from minor things like increased movement speed, to massive changes like ‘enemies revealed on minimap’, you can even get a sonar which acts like a wallhack. These burn cards are used when you are dead, and the effects finish when you die, so they really are temporary and as such makes dying somewhat depressing if you have a good card on. I can already see myself hoarding all of the good cards and never actually using them, similar to finishing an RPG with 99 max revives.

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Titanfall is looking solid, really solid.
If you enjoy the fast paced gunplay of Call of Duty but wish there was less camping involved, Titanfall may very well be your game.
If you enjoy a sense of power roaming around in a giant robot and firing rocket salvos at other players hiding in buildings, Titanfall may very well be your game.
If you think that gunning someone down while running along a wall is cool

I’ll probably be buying it, hopefully i’ll have people to play with.