One Finger Death Punch (PC) Review

One Finger Death Punch has you pitted against hundreds of enemies and tasks you with taking them all out using only 2 buttons, and yet, somehow, the game manages an impressive level of depth and challenge.

I still can't decide if this is a fantastic title screen or a terrible one.
I still can’t decide if this is a fantastic title screen or a terrible one.

The basic premise of the game is to murder everyone that comes into the zone immediately around your character, when they get close enough you can execute them with the push of a button which will repoisiton your character and hopefully allow you to murder more enemies – the game of course gets more complex than this, rapidly. Later stages have enemies which will dodge to the other side, or require multiple hits to defeat, brawlers for example will require anywhere from 3 to 20 correct hits to take down.
Then there are weapons on the floor to pick up, projectiles to catch, and perks to unlock, all the while explosions, plasma effects and soforth exploding from your avatar.

One Finger Death Punch 2014-03-03 20-31-46-26

OFDP extends this basic premise by adding in multiple modes and challenges on a map to complete. Majority of these game modes are the same but with a different spin on normality, the lightsaber levels for example ups the enemy count and speed significantly, whilst lightning levels darken the screen and make enemies difficult to see. Map/level completion is rewarded with skills – passive abilities which activate upon a certain number of kills, or skills which affect your general combat abilities allowing players to better round out their weak points.

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Another very important aspect of the game which keeps the experience constantly intense is the speed up system – completing a level speeds the game up slightly, failing a stage will slow the game down. It sounds minor on paper, however in practice it means the player is always pushed to their limits, my time with the game has been getting pumped up to 180% speed before getting molested because I can’t physically click fast enough, and then getting set back to 140%.

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It’s really a game which needs to be played to be appreciated, words and screenshots can’t really do the game justice in terms of the speed and fluidity of the combat, and of course, how damn fun it is.

Oh did I mention thumpin’ techno music? because thumpin’ techo music.


One Finger Death Punch isn’t a game you’ll get lost in for hours on end, it will however get your blood pumping for the 20 minutes at a time it captures you, and the rush will likely have you coming back for more sooner than you expect.

Approximate Game Length :  20min X [???] Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £4 / £4 = 1.00
Should you play it : Yes, fantastic fun.

Rating: 4/5