Drunken Robot Pornography (PC) Review

DRP is advertised and marketed as a first person take on the bullet hell genre, it’s developed by Dejobaan games, who have actually had a surprisingly decent run so far for a small indie studio. Drunken Robot Pornography is unfortunately not one of their best works.

DRP 2014-03-07 14-17-16-39
Enjoy the song that plays at the title screen, because it’s all downhill from there.

At its core, the game involves floating around a small arena gaining points via world pickups or by killing grunts before having to fight a titan – the titans are generally large boss like structures who spin around whilst firing vaguely in your direction. So you pretty much just grind on some smaller enemies before the titan appears, then the level ends when you have killed the titan(s) that spawn(s) in. There are a few weapon powerups at your disposal which can be found around the arenas, but thats pretty much the majority of the game.

DRP 2014-03-07 14-37-49-26

And now begins the criticism.

To destroy the titans you have to destroy all of the parts of it, generally speaking most of the titans have arms with weapons attached at the end, couple this with the fact that the parts are destroyed and fall off after 1 or 2 shots, and you’ll quickly find that you can strip a titan bare of its weapons in about 2 seconds of shooting at it. Okay, so now we’ve established that you can effectively disable a titan in a few seconds, where do the bullets come from in this bullet hell game then? from randomly spawning grunts around the arena.
If you play bullet hell games, or first person shooter games for that matter, you might be able to see the problem here already – You are supposed to focus fire on the titans to destroy them, yet you are being attacked from blindsides 90% of the time in a bullet hell fashion.

Bullet hell games generally derive enjoyment from the satisfaction of being able to destroy bosses and evade curtains of bullets, yet how do you evade bullets you cannot see? and therein lies the problem with Drunken Robot Pornography – it is mediocre as a first person shooter, and fails as a bullet hell game because every time you get hit, it feels like you were powerless to stop it. If you get hit in a standard top down bullet hell game, or even something like metal slug, you generally feel like you deserved it and that it was avoidable if you had played better, on the other hand, i found myself dying occasionally in RBP due to enemies firing from behind, or even from the titans who rapidly spin around firing lasers.

DRP 2014-03-07 14-31-50-02
No amount of skill will save you from it.

Unfortunately, it’s not like they even tried to put in mechanics to be able to dodge these blindside attacks, there is no way to dash or evade, there is also no way to fly indefinately due to an incredibly limited jetpack. It’s possible the developers intended players to use the environment to evade threats, however all of the levels come with a time limit, which is a rather odd choice, the result of this is playing defensively is not an option, try and play it safe and you get game over’d by a timeout, play it too offensive and it’s around a 70:30 tossup as to whether the AI will shoot you in the back or not.

Another issue with the game is in the level design, arenas on average were confusing and too vertical, this wouldn’t be a problem if the jetpack had any actual thrust to it, but the fuel on it is so hilariously small that it’s more of a float mechanic than something you can reliably use to propel yourself upwards, the result of this is you’ll find yourself stuck on the bottom levels of an arena, unable to get back to where the action is, and subsequently, probably dead due to a timeout.

Oddly, Titans prefer not to use aimed balls as is standard for bullet hells, but an array of lasers
Oddly, Titans prefer not to use aimed balls as is standard for bullet hells, but an array of lasers

The graphics and music are decent, though probably nothing worth calling home about, and sadly, the art style and titan design are the best parts of the game. Music is a bunch of electronic stuff, which felt fitting with the games style and gameplay.

There are some very interesting ideas in Drunken Robot Pornography, however the execution and design choices in the game ultimately make it boring and not particularly satisfying to play. I would have much preferred a larger more heavily armed titan with a health bar, and no grunts. This would quickly rectify the majority of the gameplay problems, but alas.


A first person bullet hell where killing bosses doesn’t feel satisfying, and where getting hit feels unavoidable, Drunken Robot Pornography takes the two most important aspects of a good bullet hell game and inverts them.

Approximate Game Length :  Few hours
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £1.00/ £12= 0.083
Should you play it : Nope. Bad at being a first person shooter, Bad at being a bullet hell.

Rating: 1/5