Stay frosty (New CPU heatsink)

So after my computers horrific stuttering in the latest thief game, I got to thinking if there was much I could do to speed up my system. I made a list of all of the parts in my PC and the date I got them and was kind of shocked.

pcbitsParts I got ‘recently’ in my head turned out to be near 3 years ago, while parts which didn’t seem too old turned out to be almost 8 years old now. (Logitech MX518 still going strong, best mouse ever made.)
So anyway, getting a new graphics card already was pretty much out of the question, it’s dated but it’s not THAT dated, and I dont really feel like spending another £200+ to get something good – not to mention it would need a larger power supply, requiring a whole rewire of my case, no thanks.

Instead I opted for a new heatsink, I was still on stock before, as when I got it I figured it would be fast enough for a while. The plan, get a sweet heatsink, then overclock to compensate for my graphics card a little.
After looking at a few gigantic stack air coolers and seeing issues with high RAM (like the heatsink fitted dimms I have), the Corsair H55 caught my eye, at a rather reasonable £45, I took the plunge and bought it, ebuyer being nice enough to foot the cost for next day delivery for me.


Granted it’s brand new, but it really has made quite a difference already, I was sitting at around 45deg in idle before, now (and bare in mind this is after overclocking) it sits at 30 degrees.
I did have some problems with the fan, in that it was basically going full blast all the time, I managed to get it to quieten down via the motherboard, but for some reason after I started playing around with clock speed it wouldn’t go back to quiet mode, thankfully I had a fan controller in my old PC (currently being used as lounge media PC) so I ripped that out and put it in my PC instead, thankfully my old PC mobo bios supports undervolting of fans and all that jazz so I managed to keep that one quiet as well.

For now i’ve brought my PC to a very modest 4.0ghz , up from 3.3ghz – Still plenty of room to breathe, but the voltage options on this motherboard are strange and confusing – with no obvious way to just set the VCore voltage. Im sure I could get it to 4.5ghz stable, but with no easy way to ensure my VCore stays at a reasonable level it’s not really something I want to mess with too much.