Titanfall progress and loadout tips

Hit gen 2 this evening, thought i’d share my stats after 12.5 hours played.

TitanFall 2014-03-21 22-13-28-65 TitanFall 2014-03-21 22-13-34-07

I think for sure I can probably do better when I get more used to the game, I constantly die to stupid shit like melee attacks and bad engages. That said, I guess as time goes on there will be less new players so who knows.

Here’s quick loadout guide to help you wreck face:


Weapon – Carbine w/ Extended mag is too versatile and generally good at everything right now. The Shotgun is very powerful on maps where you can keep people in short range, should enemies start venturing into short-mid range the CAR SMG w/ counterweight is amazing for that (dont bother with ADS, just sprint around and let rip when you see people).

Sidearm – almost always used in short range, I’d give the advantage to the autopistol for its obscene rate of fire.

Anti-Titan – I’ve personally had the most joy with the sidewinder, but the mag launcher and beam rifle are decent too with their own pro’s and cons. The mag launcher is safest as it has no clear indicator where you are being attacked from and you can fire it without line of sight.

Grenade – I personally love the mines, even though they won’t often kill things, it’s good for peace of mind that you won’t get blindsided if you are holed up in a building. I don’t really think there is any wrong choice here though, grenades are strong vs infantary, arc grenades are all round, satchels have huge damage and blast radius but you’ll probably kill yourself more times than not.

Tactical ability – Playstyle based, I am vastly in the minority but I can’t get enough of the Active radar pulse, it’s fantastic for judging the safest route or planning your next flanking maneuver, it’s probably the most defensive of the abilities, but that’s just my playstyle I guess. Stim is fantastic for run’n’gun though, and cloak is moderate levels of useful all round – i’d definitely consider having cloak on at least one of your custom classes for times you want to spawn and there are 6 enemy titans on the field.

Kit – I use power cell and minion detector on every single class, I don’t even know what the other choices are.


Chassis – Your call. I hate how fragile stryder is but love dash core, I hate how slow ogre is but love shield core, I dislike damage core but like how well rounded atlas is. I don’t think there are any clear standouts in this field.

Titan weapon – 40mm cannon, chaingun or triple threat. Everything else is kind of trash. Put extended mags on all of them.

Ordinance – Rocket salvo every day of the week, use it on titans, use it on pilots, use it on grunts, use it on the evac ship… So versatile.

Tactical ability – I HATE boarders, so I always use electric smoke to get them off. If you aren’t a fan, the vortex shield is a good call.

Perks – Nuclear eject for sure, for second slot either Survivor or the Core one. Big punch isn’t bad either.