Goat Simulator (PC) Review

GoatGame-Win32-Shipping 2014-03-30 15-08-02-56Goat simulator is possibly exactly what you expected, but then, maybe it isn’t?

The game is perhaps best compared to octodad, a ridiculous main character set in an explorable world and a ton of ridiculous physics calculations. Unlike octodad however, there is only one area in Goat simulator, it’s a big one granted, but you’ll very rapidly goat around and see it all, likely in under an hour.

GoatGame-Win32-Shipping 2014-03-30 15-12-04-77

Perhaps in an artistic choice, there is no real aim in goat simulator, one might say this is exactly as the game is supposed to be, you simply go about your business, crash some human parties, headbutt some cars and so on until you get bored, there IS a points and combo system, with bonuses for doing your best Michael bay enactment but for the most part you are left to your own devices.

GoatGame-Win32-Shipping 2014-03-30 15-21-29-76

I am glad this game was made, yet at the same time I am almost upset it isn’t so much more, they are working on steam workshop support which should hopefully help the problem, as a much larger world would make this game something special indeed.

GoatGame-Win32-Shipping 2014-03-30 15-14-01-03

There are a ridiculous amount of bugs, but given the nature of the game, I don’t really think anyone cares. I didn’t run into anything gamebreaking during my playtime, which was somewhat surprising.


If you felt octodad was too restricted and would prefer an open world version, goat simulator might have you covered. It is, however, ridiculously short in content, most players will clear the content in about an hour I estimate. It’s great fun, but I’d consider waiting for a sale or acquiring it through other means.

Approximate Game Length :  <1 Hour
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  (game is not officially out yet)
Should you play it : Yes, hilarious game, if only it were longer.

Rating: 4/5