Life – April 2014


Nothing much to report this week, just been working, and in relatively boring locations. I’m in outer birmingham for a week and then I think staines for about a month.

I bought this sweet little speaker thing the other day, the speaker on my laptop isn’t really loud enough and tends to crackle when I turn it up too high, defo doesnt sound like it’s working as intended whatever it’s problem is, but anyway yeah this speaker, it’s awesome, it kind of compresses down to increase portability then when you want to use it you can open it up and the space in the middle can generate some surprising bass. Runs on a rechargable battery charged by USB too, defo not bad for £13 or whatever i bought it for.

IMAG0070In other news, happy birthday to my brother who has turned 18, a terrifying thought. Soon he’ll be off to university and doing all sorts of unspeakable things over there, he claims he isn’t a drinker, but only time and peer pressure will tell – im not much of a drinker either but I certainly had my fair share of episodes (PSA: don’t ever drink and then play DDR on expert)


Haven’t really been playing many games aside from titanfall, though i’ll probably end up checking out hearthstone later this week, so maybe there will be a post on that in the future.
There has been a lot of online talk about this new korean MMO, if you follow gaming news you may have already seen the customer creation video online, it’s this video showing combat which really interests me though in that it doesn’t even vaguely resemble any MMO combat out today, and looks more akin to something that platinum games would have a hand in. Check it out below.


New anime season has started, there appear to be a few interesting shows amongst the usual muck, highlights going purely from first episode are the always fabulous Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust crusaders, which documents part 3 of the manga (the most popular one), I would definitely recommend giving it a look if you enjoy manly battle shows because jojo’s is pretty much the best one (link for episode 1 of Jojo’s here – ). No game no life is also looking sort of interesting, it’s about a pair of siblings who are nerd gamers and get dropped into a world where power is dictated by games (more than just the videogame type), it’ll be really interesting to see if this turns into a light version of Kaiji or those kind of mind game shows which I am so fond of (link for ep 1 of No Game no life here – ). Ping Pong is also looking really interesting, a sports show about competitive ping pong, this one has some really bizarre animation yet the style and good writing/plot have kept me intrigued. (ep1 of ping pong here – ). as usual i’ll be doing my What you should be watching roundup in a week or so when second episodes are out.