Watch_Dogs (PC) Review

Watch_Dogs has been a long anticipated game, ever since it’s incredible surprise reveal at E3 2012, 2 whole years ago, we’ve been dripfed only small amounts of information on it. Over those 2 years, dramatic changes were made, the graphics … Read More

MCM Expo 2014

A sort of standard day of MCM this year, they did change the layout and seem to make it generally less accessible than last time though. The previous times ive gone, you just walk inside and purchase a ticket, this … Read More

Transistor (PC) Review

Transistor is the latest game from¬†the decidedly not so one-hit-wonder studio ‘Supergiant Games’, a short action adventure game with incredible soundtrack and art style, and an interesting isometric perspective. Transistor attempts to tell the story of ‘Red’ a singer who … Read More

Life – May 2014

Website Hope y’all like it, it’s very slightly more minimalistic than I had in mind, and try as I might, couldn’t really think up a good logo/emblem thing, but I think the banner looks pretty clean. Instead of heavily editing … Read More

v5 is in the pipeline

Approximately 1 year since V4, and i’ll be honest, im not really digging the green as much anymore. Minor also, but i generally tend to not ever update until I switch versions, because I am terrified of everything breaking, so … Read More

Dark Souls 2 (PC) Review

Sometimes in life, you come across a game that infuriates you, yet for some reason, against your better judgement, you can’t stop playing. Sometimes it’s for the achievement (Ninja Gaiden 2), sometimes its for the small moments of glory (League … Read More

Iceland 2014 – Travel Tips

A few tips and recommendations based on my short time in Iceland: – Take the Golden Circle Tour, it’s an established route for good reason, with some fantastic views and photo opportunities – The IcelandExcursions tour/travel company (AKA Gray Line) … Read More