Iceland 2014 – Day 6 – Rocket church, graduation and departure

Our final day in Iceland saw us check out from the hotel fairly early, we had a shuttle bus booked in for 12:30 to take us to the airport so we only really had a few hours in the morning to do some final sightseeing, yet a few hours is all we really needed to finish up the remains of the Icelandic capital.


We set off once again for the church, which we had already taken upon ourselves to nickname ‘the Rocket church’, on account of the fact that it looks like a rocket. Yeah.
It was open today, so we had a little look inside, we had arrived just in time for a choir performance, their voices echoed through the church while I was snapping pictures, it was very serene and calming.
As we turned to leave, the choir left, and in their stead was a man to play the gigantic pipe organ situated at the back of the church, we stuck around to listen and marvel at it for a little while, this huge organ had 4 layers of keys, a few dozen knobs and a whole piano of footpedals at the bottom, it was genuinely impressive to see him able to play it at all.

20140502-IMG_1309 20140502-IMG_1319

Exiting the church, we saw a small pack of teenage girls dressed in parrot outfits, odd. We had seen some guys in dinosaur costumes earlier but didn’t quite understand what exactly it was we were looking at yet, I kind of hoped it would turn into some sort of dinosaurs VS parrots flashmob pillowfight or something but the truth wasn’t quite as cool – though still impressive. Someone must have mentioned something as I brought up my camera, as they started yelling and waving as I began to take some pictures of them.


We walked around the town for a little while longer, then eventually started heading back to the hotel.
Iceland seems to be home to a fair amount of graffiti, the majority of it, trash tier scribbles, but every now and then you come across some really impressive, huge works of art, reminiscent of the beautifully crafted murals found in Jet Set Radio, being the final day, and short on content, here are a few of some of the more interesting walls I saw…

20140501-IMG_1263 20140501-IMG_1264 20140501-IMG_1269 20140501-IMG_1270

Along the path back ‘home’, some loud dance music could be heard over in the next street, intrigued we took a peek, only to find out why there were packs of parrots and dinosaurs walking around the city this morning. A massive schoolyard filled with teens dressed in different costumes, it is their graduation day. They take turns going up in their groups, performing a dance routine and then saying a few words before cheering, high-5ing each other and then swapping for another group, where the cycle repeats. It was really interesting to see something like this, just because I personally don’t think i’ve seen anything as odd in the UK, especially for a school leaving thing.

That pretty much makes up the last of the holiday, the rest of it was coach rides, sitting around in the airport, sitting on a plane, and then sitting on the motorway… Where I got to find out that my PC had shit itself while I was away, and lost a whole bunch of settings for some odd reason… at least it still turns on I guess.

I had a fantastic time in Iceland, took some 700 photos over 5 and a bit days, and felt like I really got to see a different country. Many of the places I visit are cities, but I can honestly say Iceland was unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been, filled with friendly locals, gorgeous scenery and natural wonders aplenty. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that can appreciate a great view, I bet it looks even better at winter when enveloped in snow, but we’ll have to cross that bridge another time. As always, I hope you enjoyed this holiday blog as much as I enjoyed documenting it, and we’ll see you again in July for Thailand and Singapore.